Monday, April 25, 2011

A-Z Blog Challenge: U

U is for Unique

Trying to find your unique voice can be awkward and a bit unsettling.  You may think you’d only be comfortable in a certain genre, but taking a chance and trying your hand at something new could surprise you and really pay off. 

As I looked around to find a few examples I could share, I ran across Ten Steps to Finding Your Writing Voice and found them helpful.

Below is an exercise to help draw out that style that is uniquely yours.  Be honest about your views, wants, dreams, and fears when you write them down.

Take a moment and jot some things down that these prompts bring to mind.  Then try using them in 10-30 min writing exercises without going back and correcting anything.  Just write.  Push yourself and don’t let fear or insecurity about the topic get in the way. 

Childhood memories.
Dreams and nightmares.
Ten gifts I'd give myself with magic.
If I could spend a million dollars, I'd buy...
What I want most in the world.
What I'd do anything to avoid.
Things that are creepy.
Things that are sexy.
Best foods.
Best times.

“At the heart of everything that you've ever read that moved you, touched you, changed your life, there was a writer's fear. And a writer's determination to say what he had to say in spite of that fear.

So be afraid... And then thank your fear for telling you that what you're doing, you're doing right.”  (Holly Lisle)



Anonymous said...

Oooh, great tip!!!! Finding voice is hard. But once you've got it, the magic happens. ;)

Laura M. Campbell said...

Great writing prompts. I'm new to writing, and my voice still eludes me. This voice of mine will find me when I'm ready. Good luck with the last week of the challenge!