Friday, December 23, 2011

Bring In The New Year With Prizes And A Blog Hop Celebration!

Charlene Blogs welcomes you to a 
New Years Blog Hop Celebration!  

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Beginning December 23rd and going until January 1st, every blog on the hop is giving away great prizes! So be sure to visit everyone listed below and get your contest entries in on all of them!  

Here's what you could win on Charlene Blogs!

A PDF copy of Cornerstone Deep and a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card!

There are a few things you need to do to qualify for the drawing. *wink*

  1. Leave a comment
  2. Include your email address (example: santa[at]yahoo[dot]com)
  3. FOLLOW Charlene Blogs 
  4. LIKE the Chronicles of Shilo Manor series Facebook Fan Page on the side bar.  You'll be the first to know about what's going on!  New releases, tours, giveaways, freebees, insights, and more!  

That's it!  You're done!  Entries will be taken until midnight January 1st.  Winner will be announced January 2nd!

Just get started by entering my contest then begin the hop! 

*Hint* If when you click on the next blog you're not taken to a new window, right click on the next blog and open in a new tab. Close that window after you've finished their contest requirements, come back here and right click the next blog. *wink*

Have fun!  And Happy New Year Everyone!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do you have the Oprah Disorder? -- Book Promo

Do you have the Oprah Disorder? I heard book publicists joke that their lives are much easier because Oprah is off the air—at least the old format of her show—and the first question publicists often used to get from authors was “Can you get me on Oprah?”

The Oprah Disorder is the obsession of wanting only the biggest media opportunities like national TV, national magazines, etc., and nothing else. This attitude is a recipe for promotional disaster. Every media opportunity is important, from the smallest local newspaper to the tiniest radio show, because you never know who is reading that paper or listening to that show!

We need to keep in mind that book marketing is more a marathon than a sprint. Success won’t happen over-night and there are going to be ups and downs.

Dan Smith of Smith Publicity says, “It takes time to achieve and sustain promotional momentum, and it typically takes at least two months to see book sales materialize from a promotional campaign. Authors often spend years crafting a book. The most successful then spend at least a year promoting their book in one way or another.”

Stay focused and don’t give up! I try to accept all invitations that will call attention to Cornerstone Deep that come my way.  We need to be open to them…even if it’s that guest post on that little blog with only a few followers. The biggest and best selling tool in the world is word-of-mouth.  And you never know when a jabber jaws will run across that little blog, be hooked, love your book, and spread the word.

BBCN Radio Interview - Part Two

As you know, last Thursday I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Donna Brown on Book Bags and Cat Naps BlogTalk radio show.  We had a bit of technical difficulty and weren't able to finish so we met again yesterday to continue our discussion.  She's such a great hostess.  This time her sleeping cats napped around the room while we visited. Lol.  Thank you Martha for asking your question, "Where did you get the ideas for your series?"  Funny how both the Chronicles of Shilo Manor series and the Aumelan series happened to evolved from the same type of source.

We dove more into who the characters of Cornerstone Deep are and how they became who they are. We also went into more detail about the upcoming Cornerstone Deep Echoes blog tour and prizes that are going to be offered through the month of February to celebrate its release. Starting in January, I'll have a whole page dedicated to the tour and prize giveaways with lots of ways to win. So watch for that!

Listen in on the player below to join us.  We expected a few "meows" to join in, but her kitties were happy and warm snuggled around her.  Good luck with that Christmas tree and your all those playful paws, Donna!  Lol.

Listen to internet radio with Donna M Brown on Blog Talk Radio


Thursday, December 15, 2011

BBCN Radio Interview

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Donna Brown on Book Bags and Cat Naps BlogTalk radio show today.  What a great hostess she is!  She had me jabbering. *blush*  I think the highlight of the conversation was the question asked by Lilac.  "Why does Cole love butter so much?"  Oh my word!  Of all the questions someone could ask, that one caught me off guard. Lol!  But it was great fun.  Thank you Lilac.

We talked a bit about Cornerstone Deep and Cornerstone Deep Echoes upcoming release in February.  We even gave a peek into what's coming up with my Aumelan series.

Listen in on the player below to join us.  There was a moment when Skype dropped me...*bumped my head good*...but Donna handled it with grace and we got right back on track. : )  Also, we had a bit of a mishap at the end and didn't get to finish.  But we'll be getting together on Tuesday at 9am CST to continue our discussion.  Yay! :D

Listen to internet radio with Donna M Brown on Blog Talk Radio


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Are You Hiding Yourself?

I've been looking for ways to make it easier to find my books and realized, though I have information on my websites about them, I could do better at making them more visible and reach more people.

I ran a post a while back about reviews.  I like quality reviews, and the more I read about their impact, I see they do hold sway.  People like what other people like.  I list several on my Author and Series sites but right now, they're on a special page dedicated them.  I receive a newsletter from a promotional agency that recommended putting clips of them in my onsite store.  I'm setting one up, so I'll be adding that to my page.

They also advised me to make getting to the buy page easy.  I didn't realize it, but it looks like I'm hiding myself. A quick-click button should be on my home page.  Buy-Now!  Yup.  I have work to do.

Seriously, people are bargain hunting these days.  So, I'm putting together some special offers and incentives to pull them my way.   I need to give them a reason to shop from me instead of Amazon.  Why not get the sale instead of giving Mr. Bezos a big cut? 


Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Library--Of Course!

I've realized, and I don't know why it's just now striking home, but libraries are everywhere.  And in this slow economy, people are checking out what they have in stock when the budget doesn't allow them to buy.

If you can get your book listed in a library, it generates automatic orders to any area library. At least that's what happened when Penny C. Sansevieri dropped a copy of her book off at the main library.  I'm definitely going to donate a few copies of Cornerstone Deep and, once it's released in Feb, Cornerstone Deep Echoes.  According to the American Library Association, libraries buy nearly $1.8 billion in books annually.

Have you had any experience with this?  I'm all ears!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Party - Romance Realm Style

It's that time of year again.  Twinkling lights, bright bows, big smiles, friends, and family...  That's right.  The Christmas holiday is here and we at Ravencraft Romance Realm are going to celebrate it in a big way! 

Mark your calendars.  This weekend we're all gathering at the Realm--elf shoes and all!  And we're giving away the best romance stories.  So be sure to join us!

Here's your special invitation in the words of Danielle Ravencraft herself. :D

~ * ~

I hope everyone in the United States had a great Thanks Giving and a fun Black Friday. Now the time has come to bring out the Christmas tree and the twinkly lights…and join Ravencraft’s Romance Realm in our first ever Christmas party! 

When:  December 10th 2011.

What:  Your lovely hostesses and romance authors Danielle RavencraftDeanna JewelCharlene WilsonBri ClarkKay Dee Royal, and Sharon Hamilton bring you a day of holiday fun as we chat about our favorite holiday traditions, which hunky hero we’d like to invite for Christmas dinner, how to stay warm (and sexy) on Christmas night, and more!

We’ll be on all day sipping wine and chatting it up in the comments section, so join us. We’d love to hear from you, and as always, there are prizes involved…. ;-)

Prizes:  eBook copies of “Glazier” and “Scent of a Witch” by Bri Clark ~ “Heavenly Lover” and “Underworld Lover” by Sharon Hamilton. ~ “A Trace of Love” and “A Trace of Passion” (set to release in January 2012) by Danielle Ravencraft.

PDF copies of “Big Girls Don’t Cry Wolf”, “Seducing the Myth”, and “One Plus One” (set to release December 2011) by Kay Dee Royal. ~ “Unleash your Inner Strength” by Deanna Jewel. ~ “Cornerstone Deep: The Chronicles of Shilo Manor” by Charlene Wilson.

Signed Print copies of “Never Surrender” and “No Turning Back” by Deanna Jewel.

                     (You can view all of these books at our Facebook page.)              

How to win: Easy, just join the party on December 10th and leave us a comment with your name and email address. The more you comment, the better your chances are of winning one or more of the above books. The prizes will be raffled off to our commenters on Sunday, December 11th.

See you there. :) 


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Getting A Great Book Review - Part Six

And we come to the end of my book reviewing sites list.  I hope these have been helpful in your search for quality reviews that can help your works soar.  I'm working through the lists right now myself.  Wish me luck. :)

If you missed parts 1 - 5, you can find them here:

And last, but possibly holding a gem...

All romance and sub-genres except horror.

Adult Fiction, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Erotica, Young Adult, Fantasy, Humorous

Mystery, thriller, suspense, crime, memoirs


Fantasy, romance, YA, Gothic, supernatural, classic, historical fiction, sci-fi, PNR, steampunk, and some biographies



All including Para Romance, Para Fantasy, Y/A Para Y/A, Thriller, Para Thriller. No erotica, poetry, epics

All, rock and roll fiction


Various genres

Best of luck!  Let me know which works best for you.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting A Great Book Review - Part Five

Don't worry.  My list of review sites will indeed come to an end before long.  It will take us through November, but it will come to an end. Lol.  If you missed the previous installments, you can find them here:

Now, for part five...



All Genre No non-fiction.

All, Young Adult



Fantasy, Young Adult

Science Fiction

Science and medical thrillers

Romance, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Sci-fi Romance & Mystery,

Fantasy and Science Fiction

Fantasy, YA, romance, dystopia, fantasy, chick lit.

The Book Boost


All including YA

All, Young Adult. Able to do reviews by nook as well.

Fiction and non fiction. Books should be in epub format and less than 3o,ooo words

All, young adult paranormal romance/urban fantasy

All except poetry, children's books, memoirs, self-help books, cookbooks or other forms of non-fiction. chick lit and paranormal romance.

Until, next week...  

Friday, November 18, 2011

Character Celebration - Book Two To Be Released

Thumping his hands on his desk, Cole pushes his master’s chair back and jumps to his feet.  It rams into the wall and James looks up from his book.
Cole:  Break out the drinks.  We’re celebrating.  *heads for the door*
James: What?
Cole:  *sends a telepathic message to everyone*  In the parlor. Now!
Rushed footsteps pound from the floors above.  The twins dart from the kitchen.  Birdsong fills the receiving hall as a sparrow dives past them and into the family room.  Dressen lets himself in the front door, followed by several reporters.
Vincent:  *eyes Dressen then leans on the hearth*  What’s going on?
Cole:  This isn’t just a family counsel.
James:  *smiles, dimpling his cheeks*  Is this what I think it is? *pours Ambrosia.  Linda and Elaina pass them out.*
Cole:  *Leans back into the sofa, pulling Mianna with him*  I’ll let Charlene do the honors.
Reporters poise their cameras at the door and wait.  Mandy and Mechenzie squeal and wiggle into a chair.  The doorknob turns and twitters pierce the air.  Dressen cocks a grin, glancing at his little friend.  Charlene enters.
Charlene:  Wow.  That was fast.  Is everybody here?
Cole:  I believe so.  *big smile*
Charlene:  Kyle, you even brought the press?
Dressen:  Most certainly.
Charlene:  *clears throat. Pats hair.*  Um…  I’m not a public speaker.
Dressen:  Allow me…
Cole:  Wait!  *tries to jump up and Mianna shifts to allow him to his feet*  If anyone’s going to announce this it’s going to be me.
Dressen:  This is my story as much as yours, Cole Shilo.
Vincent:  What?  Wait.  Charlene, is this about what I think it is?
Mianna: *jumps up*  It’s about book two, isn’t  it!  Our story is getting published!  That’s it isn’t it?  *twirls and the twins giggle and join her*
James laughs and pulls Linda into a hug.  Vincent jabs his fists toward the ceiling and sparks fly.  Elaina throws her arms around his neck.  The bird launches into wild flutters around the room.
Dressen: *looks at Cole*  To be released on February 15, 2012.  *folds him arms, a satisfied grin on his lips*
Cole: *scowls but can’t stop the smile that follows*
Cameras flash.
Charlene:  *looks around and her heart dances at the sight of her character’s joy*
A tap sounds at the door and Ray enters.  He ups his brows and leans to Charlene.
Ray:  Am I late?
Charlene:  Let’s let them have some fun before I tell them you’re here for book three.  I have a feeling there are going to be some very mixed emotions when they find out.
Ray:  *folds his muscular arms and looks at James*  Well, I know of at least one that won’t be too happy.
Charlene:  Give it time, Ray.  Give it time.

Six Elements of Digital Marketing Success for Authors

I keep my eye out for ideas and advice on how to better promote and market my work, and when I come across something I think you might find helpful, I want to share.  This article was sent with a newsletter I get.  It names six things that will help your marketing platform grow. 

The Six Elements of Digital Marketing Success for Authors
by Fauzia Burke, FSB Associates

There are six essential elements for successful digital marketing and when used together they make for a powerful combination. Each element is important on its own, but when you use all six together you will see a strategy that is effective, scalable and long term.
1)    Website -- A professional website is the single most important step towards your digital marketing plan. Your website is your home base, so make sure it is updated regularly and is current. Use your site as a platform for all other activities. Post your blog and photos along with links to your social networks. Always remember your audience when developing content. If a person cares enough to come to your site, you need to make sure their trip was worth the effort.
2)    E-Newsletter -- email is still the most powerful digital tool. Every single author should have an e-newsletter. You should collect as many email addresses of your readers as you can. Overtime email addresses of your readers will be a huge asset. You can communicate with your readers through a regular e-newsletter sent either once a month or once every 3 months. Just keep those lines of communication open.
3)    Blog -- A blog is the best way to share your expertise and drive traffic to your site. Use your blog on your own website along with posting it on an important high-traffic website as a guest post. Everyone needs content, and it never hurts to ask a popular blog if they want to run your blog post. Blogs don't have to be long, 500-700 words tend to be the most popular lengths.
4)    Facebook -- Every author should have a Facebook fan page so they can socialize and communicate with their readers. It's an important element of digital marketing and honestly at 520 million people, you can't afford to ignore it. Along with being a great place to build community, Facebook fan pages also offer Insights a great tool for monitoring your audience and your interactions.
5)    Video -- There is no better or easier way to show your passion and personality than video. It can be fun content for your Facebook fan page, your blog, and your website. Remember to post it on YouTube as well.
6)    Twitter -- I know Twitter intimidates many authors, but it's a fabulous way to share resources and develop a following. I find Twitter to be an incredible tool for listening and doing market research. You can listen to your readers, find out what other people are doing and saying, and build a relationship with current and future readers.
If you choose not to participate in digital marketing and social media, you are only hurting yourself and your readers. There are millions of people on social networks; they don't miss you, but you are missing out if you ignore them.
Digital marketing is a wonderful way to connect with people who care about your work. Just remember that all six elements of digital marketing working together will produce the best results. There are no short cuts here, but it is all well worth the investment of time and attention.
Fauzia Burke is the Founder and President of FSB Associates, a publicity and social media firm specializing in creating awareness for books and authors on the web. For web publicity and social media news, follow Fauzia on a new Twitter feed: @FauzisBurke

In my own arena, I can see I need to make some changes.  For one, my blog is here on Blogger...  Not with my author site on Wordpress. *cringe* I do have links directly to my site here on my blog sidebar... but the layout it obviously different.  What do you guys think?

Second, I don't have a newsletter.  I've been shy and putting that one off.  I'm still getting over my insecurity of be "pushy" with myself.  But, I see it's something I need to overcome.

Third, while I do have a book trailer for Cornerstone Deep and am working on one for Cornerstone Deep Echoes, I sure haven't introduced myself on video.  Wow.  That's one I'll really have to build up to.  Lol.  I'll have to think hard on that.

What you think?  Do you use these?  How do they work for you?  Any takers?


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting A Great Book Review - Part Four

We're at it again this weekend with another 20 reviewers' sites to add to your list.  If you missed the first three parts, you can find them here:

On with the reviewers' showcase...

Science fiction, horror, fantasy, and thrillers – though we will consider all types of fiction.

Dark Faerie Tales

All Genre excluding Christian, Self Help


Fantasy, Self-Help, New Age, Magical Realism

Mystery, suspense, horror, paranormal, non-fiction and general fiction. WILL NOT review unsolicited sci-fi, erotica, fantasy or romance.

Erotic Romance Reviews

All except romances, Westerns, and erotica.






Horror and Romance

All, except religious.

All young adult or teen.

All Young Adult

Romance, Urban fantasy, dark fantasy, paranormal romance



Keep that file open for next week when, yes, another 20 will up for grabs!

Good luck!