Friday, April 8, 2011

A-Z Blog Challenge: G

Since I also participate in the Fantastic Friday Writers blog, I’ve decided to use the topic they chose to blog about for my G post in the A-Z blog challenge.  Isn’t it great they chose Genre, which fits perfectly into today’s slot?  :D  Luck me!

Most of my books fall under the Romance genre, though they could also be classified under Fantasy and Paranormal.  Sub-genres seem countless when you get down to listing them.  But below are a few of the main divisions for fiction books.


Mysteries focus on a crime, usually murder. The action tends to center on a cunning detective-type to solve the crime. And the climax usually occurs near the end, where the mystery is solved. The solution, complete with surprises, is shared with the characters and reader.


In romance novels, you have elements of fantasy, love, adventure, and a heroic lover overcoming odds to be with his true love.

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Science fiction/Fantasy novels depict distant worlds and futuristic technologies that whirl readers far away from the here and now and yet provoke contemplation of contemporary issues.


In Suspense and Thrillers, a writer's objective is to deliver a story with sustained tension, surprise, and a constant sense of impending doom that propels the reader forward. 


Westerns are about life on America's post Civil War western frontier and usually involve conflicts between cowboys and outlaws, cowboys and Native Americans, or Easterners and Westerners.

Young Adult

Young Adult includes any type of novel with a protagonist in the 12 to 16 age range that speaks to the concerns of teenagers. 

What is your favorite genre to read/write?  Any suggestions of great reads?  If you’ve written a book, feel free to mention it here and where we can find it.

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J. D. Brown said...

Great run down of the main genres!

Gail M Baugniet - Author said...

Thanks for the breakdown of genres. I'm writing a Mystery Genre blog for M so I'd like to link this post to it (on tax day! April 15)

Monica said...

Great post, love how you broke down the genres. I guess if I had to choose one genre it would be Mystery but I also love historical fiction and a lot of non-fiction. Not sure what genre they would be. Found you from the A-Z Challenge, so far it’s been a lot of fun, with maybe with a little bit of stress thrown in!! I’m now following you on GFC and I hope you have a chance to check out my blog!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm a science fiction writer, but I also enjoy reading fantasy and thrillers.

M Pax said...

I read a lot of different stuff. I love literature, historical fiction and travelogues and humor. I write mainly science fiction, but dabble in other genres of speculative fiction.

Charlene A. Wilson said...

As much as I'd have loved to, there was really no way to fit all the sub-genres that are possible into one blog post. Lol. None of my books falls under just a main genre description.

Thanks for your comments, everyone. And that'd be great, Gail. ;) M for mystry post. Hmmmmmmm.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

I had a good friend challenge me to participate in her write a mystery from her blog. I couldn't do it. I'd have to study the reads first to gain a feel and ability to have that very unique 'detective' feel.

I love romance and YA with fantasy mixed in both. Well, I've written a historical YA romance and a paranormal and urban fantasy romances and sciencefiction historical fantasy romance. Ugh...


Charlene A. Wilson said...

I don't think I could do the mystery detective type write either, Elizabeth. It'd definately be a challenge.