Thursday, April 28, 2011

A-Z Blog Challenge: X

X is for Xtras.  Yeah, I cheated on that one. ; )

Okay, you’ve written your book.  Your manuscript is 120K words.  You set yourself to revision mode, trimming it down and tightening it up.  That can be painful.  You spent so much time putting your heart into those scenes.  And what do you do with them once you do weed them out?  Just leave them setting in a .doc file somewhere in your archives?  That’s just a shame.  A waste.

Add a Free Xtras page to your website for those hungry readers who fell in love with your characters and story and want more.  If it hasn't been published yet, you could still set this up as free peeks and build interest for when it does hit the market.  I have a website in the works for my series Chronicles of Shilo Manor on which all my Xtras will be available.  Cornerstone Deep items will be the first to be added to the site.  People love free things.  Making them available to your fans is a great promotional tool.

Here are a few Xtras you could share:

Character sketches
Catch phrases
World building notes (This can be added even if your story takes place in a well know place on Earth.  Not everyone has been to Los Angeles, London, or Paris).
Photos that inspired a setting or character (You might want to check copyrights before posting).
Letters to the readers from the characters
Deleted scenes

Have fun putting it all together.  Your readers will have fun checking it out.

Have you had experience with offering Xtras on your website or blogs?  How did it work for you?  Any advice?

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