Friday, April 29, 2011

A-Z Blog Challenge: Y

Y is for Yarn.  As in spinning one. ; )

We’ve all heard the saying, “spinning a yarn,” when talking about telling a tale.  But did you ever wonder what yarn has to do with storytelling?

To spin a fiber correctly and ensure it remains the right size, length and twist, the spinner has to continually stretch the material.  When the old-timers wanted to suggest that someone was stretching the truth, they likened it to “spinning a yarn.”

On a lighter note, back when women would spin yarn on spinning wheels, they often did it in groups.  To pass the time, they told stories.  The adage “spin a yarn” came to mean the telling of stories. 

While the second explanation is charming, I think the first falls mighty close to the actual writing of a book.  We, as authors, have to work the words (or fibers) to make sure they fit smoothly.  Adjust the sentences, scenes, dialogue, characters, plot…  It’s a careful procedure.  And a lot of times, we do stretch the truth or emphasis certain parts of our stories to add dramatic effect.  In the case of fantasy, we smooth go out there.  Lol. 

What are some of your favorite yarns you’ve read?  How well did the writer fit all the fibers together to share with you an enjoyable story?


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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think just abou every writer stretches the truth a bit.