Friday, August 18, 2017

Fire and Fantasy: A Limited Edition Collection of Urban and Epic Fantasy Is Ready for Pre-Order!

Burn the Earth and revenge is yours! 
Set the world ablaze for the one you love! 
Unleash Magic, Fire, and Fantasy!

These 20+ full length Fantasy novels are packed with daring quests, bewitching legends, and dark magic. Embark on wild adventures alongside fiery dragons, demons, mutant vampires, and sword-wielding heroes!

FIRE & FANTASY will have your imagination soaring as you charge headfirst into this enchanting collection by today's hottest USA Today bestselling authors and rising new talents.

Pre-Order Today and lose yourself in the high-stake fates of lovers and villains!

Pre-Order Here:

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Including exclusive material from the following authors:

A FISTFUL OF MAGIC ~ Cassandra Sky West
Caitlin Vnois only has a few days left in Puerto Rico. Sun, cocktails and photo shoots are all the elven supermodel has to look forward to. That is until a tsunami dumps a handsome ex-navy rescue swimmer in her lap. Then her sister, the crown princess of Atlantis, goes and gets herself kidnaped. So much for the vacation.

DEEP WATERS ~ Alicia Rades
When Bree Waters finds a merman washed ashore after a harsh storm, she begins to uncover secrets the Sea Haven city council is determined to keep hidden. But fighting back only sends Bree on a quick course toward deep waters--and deep waters are never easy to escape.
REBEL DRAGON ~ Steve Turnbull
As the life of a slave goes, Kantees doesn't have it too bad. Being responsible for a dragon means her existence is more than drudgery and fear. But when her charge wakes her one night she is forced to decide between letting others die, or forfeiting her own life by riding the dragon.
VAMPIRE'S HUNTER ~ Kassandra Lynn
Even the power of a centuries-old rivalry can't stop love...
A prince, a dwarf wizard and a castle outcast.
Everything about the 18 year old Prince Ali-Steven's life was perfect...except for one thing.
Sir Lancelot's sexy descendant. A kick-ass huntress. And a snarky sidekick.
What if all you've ever known of King Arthur's legend was a lie to mislead you from the truth?
Konstanz is pretty sure her best friend is a demon hunter. A demon hunter with a broken heart.
That's a very dangerous thing indeed.
A TOUCH OF DARKNESS ~ Yelena Casale & Tina Moss
Cassie Durrett dreams of the darkness. And lives the nightmare.
When demons threaten the game, angels don't play by the rules.
A world born of merged realities, turbulent and jagged and overrun with monsters...a woman infected with unruly magic, unknowingly using her soul to find love...
PROPHECY OF DARKNESS ~ Michelle Lynn & Michelle Bryan
What was once stolen must now be regained for only magic can save them from what is coming. A curse, a prophecy, a forbidden love - theirs is an impossible mission that must not fail.
SIREN'S LURE ~ Frost Kay
Hayjen never believed in myths and nightmares until he met the pirate captain of The Sirenidae. Lilja never planned on breaking her laws for one man. An ancient secret. One mistake. A doomed world.

THE SIREN ~ Meg Xuemei X
Lucienne was born to rule, but her fight for love could steal her birthright... and destroy humanity in the process.
CRESCENT ROGUE ~ Axelle Chandler
Every new beginning must come from an end, and with each defeat a new future is born.
The demands of duty, the pull of fate, the love of a lifetime.
Phoebe accidentally enslaves a domestic vampire; he's great around the house but his master wants him back.
When Cole lifts from the kiss, he knows he's made the biggest mistake of his very long life.
"My life is a mirage of endless time. But you engulf me, rivet my mind, encompass my soul."
Only the lost magic of Dragon Songs can save the world. Only an awkward girl can rediscover it.
When chased by fire to the point of no return, and the maze of taurus offers the only way to hell, Zach chooses to face the fire.
THE HUNTRESS ~ J.A. Culican & Felicia Starr
In a world of magic and danger, the love between a goddess and a shifter is destined to become a legend... or end in heartbreak.
SCENT OF A DRAGON ~ Kris Austen Radcliffe
After Daisy Pavlovich's boyfriend abandons her in a small Wisconsin town, she stumbles upon a lonely young boy who claims to see dragons. Yet not all visions are real, nor is reality always what it appears to be, and the boy's unworldly isolation sparks painful memories of Daisy's own childhood. When Daisy realizes the boy's true nature -- and the true depth of the danger his Shifter father presents to both her and the child -- Daisy runs headlong into a paranormal fire she should have left alone. But every child deserves a chance, and Daisy's going to get the boy his even if it kills her....
Some stories are told, others are not, the best ones are reimagined.

The authors have put together a GIFT for those who Pre-Order Fire & Fantasy!
Just take a screen shot of proof of purchase and send it to this email:  


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This is an awesome set! Thanks for stopping by, Sherry. <3

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