Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A-Z Blog Challenge: Q

Q is for…Quit?

“This is impossible.  I can’t do it.  I Quit!” 

Have you ever felt like the demands of writing are so great that you got overwhelmed, threw your hands in the air, and wanted to (or even did) walk away?

How long did that last?  Lol.

Writing is in my soul.  Though I’ve gotten frustrated and felt steamrolled by what it takes to do this job, I could never leave it behind.  My characters call too loud to me, my muse wakes me in the middle of the night, and the pull to my Microsoft Word is too strong.

I recently ran across Mike’s Writing Workshop and Newsletter.  He asked his blog readers the question:  “What’s your biggest frustration as a writer?”  The full list can be found here, but I wanted to share a few because I think all of us can relate to them.  (I hope it’s okay to that).

~ My biggest frustration is trying to remember all the rules, whether its POV, showing vs. telling, passive voice, too much back story or doesn’t move the story forward. Rules, rules rules.

~ What’s so frustrating? Not enough hours in the day or night (I never get enough sleep) - especially when “normal life duties” interfere with creativity.

~ I guess it would be not believing in myself and my writing abilities.

~ My biggest frustration as a writer is trying to get publishers to look at my manuscripts. I have read all of the advice and have followed them, but to no avail. It can't possibly be that hard, can it?

~ My biggest frustration is striking the right balance between writing and promoting. If I spend too much time writing, my work gets lost in the sea of other books. If I spend too much time getting noticed, nothing new gets written. If I had the money, I'd hire a publicist, but that's for somewhere off in the future. (I home).

~ OMG I have worked and dreamed so hard to be a writer and today I’m a WRITER! It’s the best job in the world!  So, no frustrations from this girl...just so grateful for my fortune.

Okay, so that last one wasn’t a frustrated writer.  Lol.  I just couldn’t resist adding it.  :-)

So, I'd like to pose you the same question.  What’s your biggest frustration as a writer?



J. D. Brown said...

I'll be honest, for me it's all the waiting and time put into one book. This biz just doesn't move fast enough for me. It took me 2 years of writing, editing, and submitting to finally get a contract deal and then... MORE WAITING. Waiting for edits, waiting for cover art, waiting for tours that won't happen until after the magical release date. GRRR. I want it all done yesterday, lol.

Ironically, this is also a good thing because the extra time allows me to work on other stuff or to catch up when I fall behind. :D

C R Ward said...

Wow, I can relate to each of the frustrations you featured!

I've tried to throw up my hands and walk away from writing, but it always follows, just like a shadow. And if I try hiding in the dark it just brings a candle with it. :-)

nutschell said...

i can totally relate. Querying is always a frustrating stage. it's all the waiting that kills! congratulations and best of luck in your writing and promoting duties. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That moment when I think my story is all right and then my test readers and new critique partners tear it apart. Crap! That's when I realize it really sucks.

anthony stemke said...

The waiting and the wondering is the worst.

Charlene A. Wilson said...

Jen: Lol. Waiting IS the worst.

CR: Love it! *brings a candle* LOL

Nutshell: Querying is so hard. You try and try to get the letter just right and wait to hear from them.

Alex: Ahahahahah

Anthony: I believe we DO have a winner. IT'S THE WAITING!