Friday, September 9, 2011

Transportation For Fantastic Friday Writers

It’s a Fantastic Friday Writers day and Transportation is the topic.  This is a fun one.  Everyone that participates in this blog hop writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.  So, you can imagine—or maybe not, cause these authors have some pretty fantastic imaginations—what they might come up with for their worlds to use as travel. 

Popular examples are all over the internet…

Of course we all know of Star Trek’s transporters.  “Beam me up, Scotty.”

Or Star Wars many spaceships?

How about The Fifth Element's flying cars?

In my Cornerstone Deep series, I chose something a bit different.  As my main characters are from another dimension, they have advanced powers.  They manipulate the elements and that includes their own.  Their preferred mode of travel is by Smoke of Night.  They disperse their elements into a fine cloud and fly to their destination.  It does have it’s drawbacks, however.  Elaina, who is very mortal, was whisked away by Vincent, her fiance.  She didn’t mind arriving to her family’s gathering faster, but she complained about all the bugs that she felt rush through her essence.  Vincent had to promise to allow her to use a car.

When traveling to the different dimensions, my wizards use a portal.  Hidden within the face of a granite bluff, this doorway to the realms is visible to those who know its secrets and where to find it.  Bright light traces the entrance then emits multi-colored neon as it opens.  Once inside, (and this is a sneak peek into book three) the traveler finds nothing but a white void.  If you don’t know the way, you could become lost and wonder the portal in an aimless trek.  If you're lucky, you'll find yourself stumbling out into one of the five realms.

My portal is much different than the well known Star Gate which has a direct route if you know the right combination to get you to the planet you want.

What sort of transport do your worlds use?  I’d love to hear some fascinating new ways of travel.

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