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Interview with Author Deanna Jewel and Dana Kaster of Whispers at Ghost Point

I've been invited to sit in with Author Deanna Jewel as she interviews Dana Kaster, star of her upcoming novel, Whispers at Ghost Point.  I've never met anyone that worked in a haunted...anything.  So, I'm excited to meet her.  Join us!    

~ * ~

Deanna:  Charlene, thank you for having me this weekend on your blog.

Charlene:  It’s great to have you here, Deanna.  I love to meet the characters from fascinating stories. 

Deanna:  I love talking with readers, so I hope they leave a question or comment for us, which will also get them into the book giveaway at the end!

Charlene:  *nods and looks at the blog readers*  You heard what she said.  Give. A. Way!  Woot!  *turns to Deanna*  So, who do we get to meet today?

Deanna:  I’ve brought with me my main character, Dana Kaster, from Whispers at Ghost Point. Since I have a love for lighthouses, I had to write about one and added a ghost to make it a bit spooky!

Charlene:  *eyes light up and she looks over at her guest*

Deanna:  Dana loves remodeling and decorating—who else loves doing that? Tell us at the end if you love lighthouses and decorating!

Charlene:  I adore them!  Took so many pictures of the ones around Cape Breton when we visited Nova Scotia.  *smiles at Dana*  What made you go into remodeling? 

Dana:  I’ve always had a soft spot for decorating which is why I got my contractor’s license—it also allowed me to do more in the area of remodeling. Meeting other contractors and builders isn’t bad either! *wink*

Charlene:  How long have you redecorated them?

Dana:  I moved to Wilmington NC a year ago after my divorce and found the abandoned lighthouse on the coast while I worked at the Cape Fear Historical Society. I was fortunate enough to get a job remodeling their lighthouse projects we took on but I recently opened my own shop and I’m so excited.

Deanna: Taking on the entire remodel of a lighthouse that’s stood empty for hundreds of years won’t be easy. Have you run into any roadblocks?

Dana: The lighthouse in question is owned by an individual who I found through my research but he refuses to return my phone calls. That in itself is annoying. I want inside the place to see what might need to be fixed and put some plans together. I don’t understand why this man won’t call me back, but my guess is that he’s too old to care about the place being fixed up or is a recluse not wanting to be bothered. The lighthouse is begging me to fix it up though. Why can’t he sense that? LOL

Deanna: Does the lighthouse talk to you when you visit or is it the ghosts who talk to you? That would be spooky!

Charlene:  Wait.  It talks to you?  Or…  *eyes widen*  Ghosts talk to you

Dana:  I have an ability to sense the spirits in old places but I still need to work on that. It is scary when they 
come around and they usually visit when you least expect them to. If I were better at that, I could learn who they are faster but it still scares me so I need to get over that if I want to use my ability to the fullest.

Charlene:  *leans in closer and watches her with mounting interest*  But…  *whispers*  What happens?  Really?

Dana:  When I sit on my deck at night, I can see the lighthouse across the inlet. The tower light flashes and there’s no way the electricity still works there! It couldn’t for as old as it is, so what makes the lights come on? I also sense a spirit or two there and the pull they have on me is getting stronger but I just can’t learn who they are.

Deanna:  You’ve become good friends with a co-worker at the Historical Society who has the ability to sense spirits. Tell us about that. Everyone is always interested in people who talk to ghosts!

Charlene: *raises her hand*  Interested party here!

Dana: Sarah and I have really gotten close since I moved to Wilmington.  She doesn’t let very many know that she can speak to spirits…they think you’re crazy when they learn that! Even with all the shows on television these days, but I love it. Personally, I just need to learn how to distance myself and set up my circle of light for protection.

Charlene:  So you take her with you, right?  You don’t go alone do you?

Dana:  I visited the lighthouse a few times without telling Sarah, but she has a way of knowing what goes on without me even telling her!

Charlene:  Oh my word.

Deanna: How does she feel about the lighthouse?

Dana: Oh my gawd! She isn’t keen on it at all! She said the spirits there aren’t at all friendly and that I need to quit going over there alone before something happens to me. She’s sat with me on my deck at night and we’ve both seen the lights come on. I think she knows more than she’s telling me about the spirits over there.

Deanna: Well that would make anyone jumpy to sense a spirit is evil. Maybe you need to listen to her and quit going over there.

Charlene:  *quickly nods in agreement*

Dana: I’m too nosey to stop going so the owner just needs to give me permission to go inside.

Charlene:  Have met him?

Dana:  I did meet a man on one of my visits there once. He said he was just a friend of the owner but wouldn’t tell me who the owner was. Too bad he wasn’t the owner—his eyes alone distracted me!

Charlene:  *smiles wide, the romantic that she is*

Dana:  But anyway, if I were able to get that lighthouse restored, it would help boost my business in Wilmington and the residents would be able to see what I can do. The work I’ve done on our historical lighthouse remodels has really helped too, but…I want inside the forbidden tower!

Deanna: You’ve lived in Wilmington for almost a year now. Any men you’re interested in?

Charlene:  Ha!  *taps Deanna on the knee*  Thank you, Deanna!

Dana: With all the work I do remodeling and researching for the Historical Society and now starting my own business, I haven’t had time for dating and I really haven’t missed it.

Charlene:  *shoulders slump*  Oh.

Dana:  Taking time after my divorce to get my life back on track is what’s important to me now. I have to make a name for my business here so I can get to know the residents. Many of them have stopped by my new shop and have taken my card, saying they’ll call me when they start their remodels. I hope they do, I love to be busy!

Deanna: Dana, thanks for stopping in to chat with our readers. I can’t wait to finish your story so they can all read it.

Charlene:  Yes, thank you, Dana.  And thank you, Deanna, for letting me sit in on your interview.  This sounds like a real page turner!

Whispers takes place at an abandoned lighthouse in Wilmington, NC and her main characters from No Turning Back are reincarnated into the present. Join Dana as she learns about her past while working toward her future. The dangers that lurk at an abandoned lighthouse pull her into a past she was unaware of but also involves a man she's never this lifetime! Follow the books progress on her website.

Deanna will be getting back to major writing come May 1st and the book should be ready for release in mid August 2012. The characters in Whispers at Ghost Point are pulled into the present from her historical novel set in England 1778, No Turning Back. To know a bit more about the characters, you may want to read that book.  

Read chapter one of Whispers at Ghost Point by clicking on the BookBuzzr below. 

Whispers at Ghost Point

~ Giveaway ~

Deanna is giving away two copies of the ebook so leave a comment to be in the drawing to be held on Monday, April 2nd.

One last note from Deanna:

Check out my blog, website and newsletters for more info as my progress moves closer to the release date! By subscribing to her newsletter, readers are automatically included in one of my monthly drawings, and by following my blog, you’ll be included in that drawing. Both drawings win gift cards and the blog winner also gets a goodie bag and tee shirt!

Deanna Jewel lives in the Pacific Northwest and has been writing since 1991.  She has completed one time travel and one historical novel and has several others in the works. A trip to Dubois, Wyoming, south of Yellowstone, inspired her time-travel novel. The landscape and town locations described in Never Surrender are real.  Jon Daley, a professor at Boise State University, translated the Shoshone language that you will find in the book.

Never Surrender, her time travel romance, was released in 2008 in print, e-book and iBook for download to e-Readers and i-Pads. This novel won an Honorable Mention in the 2008 Quill Awards at  Her second novel, an historical taking place in England, 1778, was released in April 2010, titled No Turning Back, and is also in print, eBook and iBook for download to your electronic readers.

She's hard at work on her next novel, Whispers at Ghost Point, which she hopes to have available in mid 2012. 

Whispers takes place at an abandoned lighthouse in Wilmington, NC and her main characters from No Turning Back are reincarnated into the present. Join Dana as she learns about her past while working toward her future. The dangers that lurk at an abandoned lighthouse pull her into a past she was unaware of but also involves a man she's never this lifetime! Follow the books progress on her website.

She is married to a retired captain of the fire department. He’s also owned his own businesses for 23 years. They have two Siamese cats: Zoie and Sinbad, who keep them entertained. Deanna has enjoyed reading historical romance novels for over thirty years, camping with her family, and traveling.

Her writing goal is to draw the reader into the story to experience what the characters feel, to show both the hero's and heroine's points of view, and to take the reader away from their every day stress to a place not yet visited.

Here's where you can find her:

Twitter:  (@deannajewel)

*See her site for more places to find Deanna Jewel!

Her books are available at:

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Interview With Lyra and Cullen, Stars Of Seeking A Scribe

Get out your wizard hats and call all your magical animal friends around, cause I have a treat that will tickle your Fantasy fancy!  The stars of Seeking a Scribe are coming for a visit to tell us about a world that could only be created by Fantasy Romance Author Marsha A. Moore. 

*Doorbell rings*  Oh!  They're here! 

Charlene:  *swings door wide*  Lyra, Cullen, please do come in.  Have a seat.  May I get you some tea?

Cullen: *winks at Lyra* What have you been telling her?

Charlene:  *smiles*  It wasn’t Lyra.  I peaked at your story.  *glances over her shoulder as she pours the drinks*  This is such a treat to have you both here.  I really had a hard time keeping my daughter away.  She’s an avid reader and when she heard you would be over, she wanted so badly to sit in.  How long have you had your bookstore?

Cullen: About ten years, hoping Lyra would visit the shop.

Charlene: *hands them their tea and settles in the chair across from them*  I understand there’s something special about it.  Or is it you that’s special?  *winks*

Cullen: Nothing odd about my tea. *takes a sip* You make a good cup of Earl Grey, Charlene. *sets his cup on the table and twists his silver dragon ring until the blue topaz eyes glow slightly*

Lyra: *samples Charlene’s tea* Good tea, Charlene. It’s him, not the tea. But I would like to taste that anise variety again some time. We’ve been so busy saving the Alliance from the Dark Realm of the Black Dragon, we haven’t had a chance to relax. *takes another sip* Ah! Anise! And memories of my family boating trips! *face lights with big smile as she looks at Cullen* Taste yours again, Charlene!

Charlene:  Huh?  Oh.  *sips her drink*  It’s Anise.  *eyes light up*  Oh my word!  Chickie!  I haven’t thought of Chickie since…  *looks at Cullen*  How in the world did you know about the little duck my Papa gave me when I was four?  *clears her throat and scoots in her chair to regain composure*  What made you first stop by Cullen’s place, Lyra?  

Lyra: Before, I usually only stayed for a week or two on my visits and didn’t take in the shops much. But, this past summer, I decided to stay for two months and help my aunt, since she wasn’t well after another bout with cancer. Truth is, I didn’t really care for Aunt Jean’s nurse—talked way too much and drove me crazy. While she was there at the cottage, I explored town and found Cullen’s bookstore. Sure glad I did!

Charlene:  So, * glances at Cullen with quirky grin*  What where you’re thoughts when you met him?

Lyra: He was handsome, but a bit strange…especially since his tea he served me changed tastes and brought to mind certain childhood memories. And then his bookstore was even stranger, with moving shelves.  *looks sideways at Cullen* But, what really got my attention was when you knew what my memories were before I even said anything.

Cullen: *grins sheepishly* I needed to get your attention without scaring you off.

Lyra: Actually, it was really nice having someone want to know me, want to understand me for a change. *smiling* Don’t let the high sorcerer title scare you, Charlene.  He’s really a softie!

Charlene:  *pinches her lips together dying to ask how he knew her memories too.  weighs the High Sorcerer title with Lyra's "softie" title and decides to stick with the interview*  Did you know Lyra would stop by?

Cullen: No, I really had no certain idea, but I was determined to connect with her. After all, that was my assignment from the Imperial Dragon. What I didn’t expect was what a wonderful woman she had become—caught me totally off guard.

Charlene:  What makes her so special?

Cullen: Without magic, or perhaps it is magic…either way, she can seem to read people’s hearts, mine especially.

Charlene:  And you gave her a certain book.  What did you find when you opened it, Lyra? 

Lyra: *sitting up in her chair* Well, we might not have enough tea-time to explain all that. First of all, it is beautiful. Charlene, you must visit some day. *looks to Cullen* Can that be arranged with the Imperial Dragon giving her permission?

Cullen: I don’t see why not, since she’s such a great friend of our author.

Charlene:  *eyes widen*  Oh my gosh!  *sits up straight*  Really?

Lyra: Great! The plants are amazing colors and have magic they use to respond to people. Many of the animals have some type of magic also. The more magic you have, the larger your aura, a colored light that surrounds your body. Wizards train magicals to use the powers they are born with.

When I reentered as an adult, I met with each of the four Guardians—the Phoenix, Unicorn, Tortoise, and Imperial Dragon—Guardians of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. We traveled through all the peaceful parts of the Alliance side of Dragonspeir to meet them and lots of sorcerers and magical animal friends along the way. Slowly, I remembered each of them. Then, I had to face a hard task, a quest to save their world and Cullen’s source of magic that keeps him alive.  I wasn’t sure I could do it. It was really hard, physically and mentally. I wanted to quit many times.

Charlene:  *in awe*  Could you ever imagine such a place existed? 

Lyra: I forgot Dragonspeir when I lost my copy of the magical book, written by one of my ancestors, but when I opened the book again, after Cullen gave it to me…it was like going home again. I hadn’t forgotten. So, I don’t ever really remember not knowing about the magical world of Dragonspeir.

Charlene:  Who is the Dark Dragon?  Why is he trying to destroy the Imperial Dragon? 

Cullen: The Black Dragon is leader of the Dark Realm that opposes the Alliance, led by the Imperial Dragon. The two factions have existed longer than anyone knows—even the Tortoise, our oldest Guardian who is delegated with the responsibility of maintaining historical records. The antagonism is older than time itself in Dragonspeir. There have been several leaders in those titled roles. *leans forward and twists his dragon ring until its blue topaz eyes spark with light* The Alliance has been in control of power for centuries and the Dark Realm is hungry for overthrow. We are on highest alert.

Charlene:  Uh, *watches the topaz eyes on his ring and decides not to push the topic*  I understand you have some help along the way.  What kind of guides do you have?

Lyra: Oh!  I’ve made some great friends. I love them all. Kenzo, the giant tiger owl and Cullen’s assistant, is such a loveable guy. He stays with me through thick and thin. Cranewort, the giant old sentry tree serves as gatekeeper at the Crossroads. He’s been like the father I lost, always keeping an eye on me with his clairvoyance while I’m in Dragonspeir. His hugs with his branches folding around me are the best! There are so many others, I hate to forget to mention…like Noba, Cullen’s familiar. He’s a tiny pseudodragon and has a heart of gold. And Bero—the leader of the herd of blue deer. His strength and steadfastness help me endure. I love them all!

Charlene:  This all sounds so amazing.  How long have you lived in this fantasy world, Cullen?

Cullen: I don’t per say live there. I can’t. I stay there part-time and have since Lyra was born, 35 years ago. Actually, I’m required to reside in Dragonspeir, since the magic of the Alliance is what enables me to stay alive, to fool death after two hundred years. That is the real problem Lyra and I face. I’m tied to that world, while she can only be a guest, granted permission by the Imperial Dragon. Her time there is very limited, unless she spends much time training to use her magical abilities.

Lyra: Unfortunately, although I’ve inherited lots of power from my ancestors to make me the next Scribe, I don’t really know how to use much of that power, only what comes to me intuitively.  I’d like to be in Dragonspeir with him more, but …that’s our goal.

Charlene:  Wow.  *glances at her book self* Nothing I own could compared to any of this.  Would you share an excerpt with us?

Chapter One: Licorice Memories

The smell of anise greeted Lyra as she opened the door to Drake’s bookstore. It took her back to happy childhood memories. Licorice-shoe-string-rewards for following her parents’ requests to stay on the dock while they secured the family’s pleasure boat to its trailer. The aroma brought a fleeting remembrance of times long gone, a treasure now that her folks had recently passed. At ease with the familiar scent, she settled into browsing through rows of antique bookcases.
The shop owner stuck his head around a set of shelves. “Do you like tea?”
“Yes, I do.” Before she could finish speaking, he disappeared. “Is that the wonderful smell?” she called out.
Kitchenware clinked in the back room. Receiving no answer, Lyra followed the noises, scanning collections as she walked. This bookshop appeared established, but surely she would have remembered it from her last visit to the Lake Huron village five years ago. Books were her passion, especially fantasy. She paused in front of that section and studied its titles.
The owner appeared, holding a pewter tray with a teapot, two cups, sugar jar, spoons, and napkins, which he laid on the corner of an old library table. She watched him carefully pour the tea and hand her a cup. He was about her age, mid thirties or a bit older, and handsome. His medium brown hair, peppered with gray at the temples, grazed his shoulders in wavy layers, and his beard was trimmed into a neat goatee. He wore long shorts, a knit golf shirt, and sandals—typical casual attire for this island resort community.
She set down her bag from the drugstore and accepted his offer with a smile. “Thanks. My name’s Lyra.” She blew across the hot surface of the tea to cool it and then inhaled the anise-scented steam. She closed her eyes to fully enjoy the memory. “Ah!”
“Afternoons of boating and licorice with your parents? Right?” he asked.
Her mouth dropped open. How did he know that?
He slurped from his cup. “Go ahead, take a sip. My folks gave me the same reward for taking my kid sister along on bicycle rides.”
Forgetting all about the tea, she asked, “How do you know my childhood memory?”
“Taste it.” His lips curled into a sly grin as he took another gulp.
She cautiously took a tiny sip, just enough to wet her lips and the tip of her tongue.  The flavor flooded her mouth, and her mind swam with wonderful memories. The taste transformed into that of gigantic popcorn balls the sheriff’s wife down the street made for Halloween trick-or-treaters, accompanied by images of Lyra’s costume—a red, fringed gypsy skirt borrowed from Mom. Next came a pumpkin flavor and vision of holding a cold piece of “punky-pie” in her five-year-old hand. Another swallow returned her experience back to anise. “What is this? How did you know?”
“Let me introduce myself.” His grin spread into a smile as his eyes met hers. He took a step closer. “I’m Cullen, Cullen Drake, and I know many things. What I don’t know is what sort of books you like to read.”
His keen interest caused heat to rise in her cheeks. “Well, actually I have several favorites, all fantasy and magical realism. You have a number of authors I like in this section.” She turned to refer to the shelves behind her, but found non-fiction hunting guides instead. “This case held classic fantasy a moment ago!”
Cullen put down his cup. “It moved. It’s over here, and I have just what you want.” He slid an old-fashioned library ladder along its track, set the locking device, and climbed straight up to the top shelf.
Lyra followed, walking between four comfortable leather club chairs grouped on a Persian rug. A portrait of a young girl and a man wearing a cloak caught her attention. Something seemed familiar in the child’s smile.
The noise of books sliding on shelves distracted her. She moved to the base of his ladder and glanced up. The ceiling of embossed tin panels decorated with Victorian teardrop chandeliers and paper Chinese dragons made a unique combination, to be sure.
But Lyra was more curious about the strange happenings in the store and its owner.  He was certainly odd, although not the bookish, geeky sort who usually ran bookshops she frequented. He had an athletic frame and strong legs.
“Can’t find it!” he exclaimed and quickly descended. His brow furrowed, he dusted off his hands on his shorts. “I’ve got to find that volume for you. If you don’t mind me saying, there’s a sadness about you. The book will make you happier than you’ve been since those days of licorice shoe strings.”
“After magical tea and shifting bookcases, I almost believe you.” She laughed to cover her concerns. Even four months after it was final, she worried that the loneliness she felt after her divorce blazed like a beacon on her forehead. But, Cullen knew so much—it startled her…actually, intrigued her. Her ex didn’t ever see inside her, didn’t want to. This man read her as though he knew her. Did he? He seemed so familiar.
“Once I find that book, I promise, you’ll be pleased.” He stroked his goatee. “Hmm. Where did I last see it?” The twinkle in his gray-blue eyes captivated Lyra. “Will you be here for the week? I can look for it and call you later.”
“I’m staying the rest of the summer with my elderly Aunt Jean. She owns a lovely cottage at the end of Walnut overlooking Lake Huron. I thought I’d keep her company and give her time away from her nurse during my teaching break. While I’m here, I plan to write my novel.”
“Great! You’re a writer? What do you teach?”
“Yes, and I teach American Literature at Southern University in Florida. Seems like you already would’ve known that since you jumped into my childhood memories,” she stammered, attempting some humor. Taking a long draught of the tea, her mind filled with memories of her pet dachshund wiggling next to her, displacing a row of dolls. Another part of her past he knew—impossible! Her forehead beaded with sweat.
“No, only thoughts associated with a lot of emotion, like the happiness of snuggling with your dog.”
“How?” she exclaimed, shaking her head. “I don’t understand.” Her mind swam, trying to grasp what happened. She desperately needed some fresh air. With trembling hands she set the cup down.
“I realize it must seem odd, but the book I’m looking for will help explain.” He leaned closer with a smile that somehow reassured her. “This is Saturday. If you can come by next Wednesday morning, I think I should have it for you by then…if you’d like.” He paused and looked into her eyes, waiting for a reply.
“Yes…I’m curious.” In spite of the confusion, she found herself agreeing. “Wednesday will work.”
“Fine. Let me take down your number in case I can’t find it.” He walked to the counter and located a notepad and pen. She dictated her number and full name, which he repeated, “Lyra McCauley, a lovely Celtic name for a pretty lady.”
“I think I need to go now. Thanks for the tea.” With shaking fingers, she collected her shopping bag and headed toward the door.
He escorted her out and offered his hand to shake, the corners of his goatee lifting into an inviting grin. “Enjoy the rest of your weekend.”
Lyra smiled and looked into his eyes, trying to discern his unusual clairvoyant gift. “You too.” The initial touch, of his palm against hers, sent electrical shivers along her arm. She jerked, yet didn’t let go, fascinated by the strong emotions flashing through her mind—attraction, excitement, and acceptance. After an awkwardly long pause, she dropped his hand, half-stumbled over the threshold into the sunshine, and took a long, deep breath.
She ambled to an outdoor cafĂ© a couple blocks farther down Tenth Street, while her mind buzzed with questions. How did he know those things about her? She dropped onto a seat at an empty table, shaded by an umbrella. He was fascinating and frightening at the same time…and familiar. Her divorce and loss of her parents left her lonely. He intrigued her.
 “May I get you something to drink while you look over the menu?” The waitress interrupted with a bright young voice, a college student working a summer job.
Startled back to reality, Lyra murmured, “Just water, please.” Alone in a crowd of lunch goers, her thoughts returned to the bookstore and many unanswered questions.
The waitress placed a glass of water in front of her.
She almost hated to drink and remove the sweet aftertaste of anise from her tongue.

Charlene:  What a fantastic adventure.  Are there more to come?

Lyra: *sitting on the edge of her seat* Definitely! I want to go back and take sorcery training. I need to master skills so I can be a real part of Cullen’s world, like he’s a part of mine now.

Charlene:  Before you go, tell me…  *leans toward them*  What’s it like to have Marsha as an author?

Cullen: I take my job quite seriously, but this is more than expected. She is very demanding. Although, I have met Lyra and for that I’m grateful. Thank you for inviting us to have tea with you today.

Lyra: I like Marsha a lot! She’s let me do all sorts of exciting things to learn about who I am, and best of all, I’ve met Cullen. Glad to spend time talking with you, Charlene!

Charlene:  *sets her drink of the coffee table and stands*  Oh, thank you!  It’s wonderful that you took the time to visit with me.  I know you all are on tour and very busy right now.  Where’s your next stop?

Cullen: Our next assigned stop with Marsha is on March 29 at Southern FriedGothic     

Charlene:  Well, the best of luck to all of you.  I know Seeking a Scribe will be a hit.  *waves as they leave then turns with an eager grin*  Now, where’s my Anise tea!

Lyra McCauley is a writer and loves fantasy novels, but until she opens a selection from bookstore owner Cullen Drake, she has no idea he’s a wizard character who lives a double life inside that volume…or the story’s magic will compel her from the edge of depression to adventure, danger, and love.

His gift to Lyra, the Book of Dragonspeir, was actually her copy, misplaced years ago. Lost in her pain following divorce and death, she fails to recognize him as her childhood playmate from the fantasyland. Friendship builds anew. Attraction sparks. But Lyra doubts whether a wizard is capable of love. She’s torn—should she protect her fragile heart or risk new love?

Opening the book’s cover, she confronts a quest: save Dragonspeir from destruction by the Black Dragon before he utilizes power of August’s red moon to expand his strength and overthrow the opposing Imperial Dragon. Lyra accepts the challenge, fearing Cullen will perish if evil wins. Along with magical animal guides, Cullen helps her through many perils, but ultimately Lyra must use her own power…and time is running out.

Purchase at Amazon for only 99 cents!

Marsha A. Moore is a writer of fantasy romance. The magic of art and nature spark life into her writing. Her creativity also spills into watercolor painting and drawing. After a move from Toledo to Tampa in 2008, she’s happily transforming into a Floridian, in love with the outdoors. Crazy about cycling, she usually passes the 1,000 mile mark yearly. She is learning kayaking and already addicted. She’s been a yoga enthusiast for over a decade and that spiritual quest helps her explore the mystical side of fantasy. She never has enough days spent at the beach, usually scribbling away at new stories with toes wiggling in the sand. Every day at the beach is magical!
She'd love to connect with you:


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We All Need Hugs ~ Whatever Species We Are

I learned a long time ago that love is a language that spans the spectrum.  Humans, foul, canine, marine life, feline...  All hearts know affection, and worldwide, we seek it.

In this post, I just wanted to share some sweet evidence of this.  Warning...  I might get carried away with the awws. *wink*

Now this is just precious

I can hear the doggie chuckling in this one

Okay, not his choice of a snack, but it was a sweet gesture

One of personal favorites...

I never would have thought, but...   Awww!

funny gifs

When I was little, I begged my father for my own lion pet.  Yeah, could you imagine those big paws padding around your living room?  I could.  Lol.  I see this, and my heart goes back to my wishing.  Haha.

Have any of you witnessed loving gestures between man/animal kind?  Do share.  It warms my heart.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Senior Love And The Click

I've always said that I just adore watching older couples.  There's just something about the comfort, the acceptance, the loving words, and patience they show.

I ran across Rita and Frank on YouTube and fell in love with them.  So, I just have to share this little video with you.  Now, at the time, they didn't know they were making a video.  They were trying to take a picture of Frank's eighty-fourth birthday cake.  

It reminded me of the time I took a video of my eighty-six year old step-father, My Sweet Melvin, as I called him.  The tape was rolling and he stood stark still.  I said, "Melvin, do something.  This is like a movie."  So he chuckled.   Well, it was a start.

We get a special treat at the end of Rita and Frank's adventure with their new mac.  They evidently figured out it was a video and went for it.  It's Rita's eightieth birthday (obviously on different days).  But listen how Rita's insistent, "Did you hear the click?" turns to a sweet smile, and Frank's "Naoo!"s turn to melody as he performs his birthday wish for his love.

May I be blessed with such a Frank in my golden years.  Isn't he such a doll.  Lol.  I'm already half there with my incompetence with technical new fangled instruments!  Just ask my daughter about my fiasco with her digital camera.  *sigh*

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Until next time, may your dreams be magical.  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Review of Underworld Lover

I recently posted a review for Underworld Lover and wanted to share it with all of you...

Underworld Lover

by Sharon Hamilton

This review is for: Underworld Lover
(A Guardian Angel Romance #2)
5.0 out of 5 stars

When I read a book, if I can connect with the characters, the biggest part of winning me over is done. I knew I'd love Joshua by the time I was finished with page one. And his story didn't let me down. Ms Hamilton used beautiful prose and rich description of the settings and put right there with the characters.

Joshua's job as a Dark Angel is to comb the Earth for people who are sad and want their struggles to end. He offers them a chance to leave it all behind and bask in unlimited pleasures in a guilt-free world. Sound good to you? Willing to trade humanity for a life in the Underworld? He says it's the perfect choice. After all, he's enjoyed the dark freedom for several undred years and he doesn't plan on changing his mind about it one bit. That is until he meets Melanie. Something hits him when he runs into her in her flower shop, and it's not just the bundle of roses in her arms. It's love. How disconcerting! Suddenly, trying to claim such a beautiful pure-hearted woman and damning her to eternal darkness isn't such a grand idea. And to complicate things, the new Director of the Underworld has his eye on her.

Will a devout Dark Angel find a way to deal with these new feelings and be strong enough to save her from being the personal concubine to the most powerful person in the Underworld? For that matter, can he save himself?

Underworld Lover is the follow-up to Ms Hamilton's Heavenly Lover. If you love down to earth (or actually underworldliness) with rich romance, then you'll love Underworld Lover. It's got grit and silk woven together with a great story line. Bring on book 3.

Author did not request review.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Interview With Joshua, Star Of Underworld Lover


In all my experience with interviewing character stars, I've never had one that made me blush, fluster, or be tempted as much as the interview I'm sharing today.  Sharon Hamilton agreed to let me visit with Joshua, star of her erotic novel, Underworld Lover.  I'll give you a little warning.  At times the topic might not be suited for those who are under 18.  But, I sure enjoyed the visit. *blushes*  Here's to an interview with a Dark Angel.

Charlene rushes to answer her cell phone and her daughter’s voice chimes over the receiver.

Daughter:  Mom, I’m about to leave school but wanted to know if Mary can stay the night? 

Charlene:  Tonight? No!

Daughter:  Okay! Okay.  I was just asking.  Why are you so testy?

Charlene:  Oh, I’m sorry.  Maybe she can stay next Friday night.  I have an interview lined up and I’m not sure how long it will take.

Daughter:  Cool!  Do I get to meet this one?  Please?  I’ll be home in just a few. 

Charlene:  Absolutely not!  In fact, stay after school.  Practice in the band hall.  Practice basketball in the gym.  Stop at Walmart and get those jeans you wanted.  Anything.

Daughter:  Wow.  I get it.  Stay away.  You know you did promise I’d get to sit in on one of these sometime.

Charlene:  Well…  *Peeks out the curtains and sees Joshua heading up the walkway*  I can’t let you meet this one.  Trust me.  *Rushes to the door*  Now, go have fun.  Use the emergency credit card I gave you.  Heck, take Mary and go to Better Burgers and see a movie.  My treat.  Just stay away from the house at all cost.

Daughter:  *Voice slow with shock*  Wooow, Mom.  Is this character that bad?

Charlene:  You have no idea.  *Hangs up as she swings the door wide*  Joshua, thank you so much for coming by!  Come in, come in.  *Nervously fumbles the latch until he steps past her into the living room* 

Joshua:  *Glances at her with a grin*

Charlene:  *Warmth rushes her and she instantly relaxes*  Can I get you anything to drink?  *heads to the cordial cabinet*

Joshua:  I’m partial to Meritage 1998 by Ravenswood Cellars.  A perfect blend of 3 great wines, perfect for an evening with Helena and another one of her pleasure partners.

Charlene:  Helena, huh?  Well, I’m afraid you won’t get her brothel’s services here.  I must say,  *chuckles*  If my mother saw me right now…entertaining the devil or  * leans her head*  dark angel.  *glances over her shoulder*  Playing with fire.  *winks*  Flirting with danger…

Joshua:  Ah!  But how would you ever know if you liked it unless you tried it?  I gave Audray the same choice I give any beautiful woman:  be young and vibrant for the rest of your life, or suffer the rigors of aging (as in everything sagging), the pain, the wrinkles.  How would you like to look like 25 forever?  Unlimited sex?  Unlimited power and pleasure?  Earth is treacherous.  Heaven is downright boring.  Or, at least that’s what I thought when I began this journey.

Charlene:  Right, Audray.  She’s really something.  I’m not surprised she took you up on your offer, considering.  Ahem.  *hands him his Meritage and settles in a chair across from him*   Tell, me.  What actually are a Dark Angel’s duties?

Joshua:  Our job is to cull the human population for people who are miserable and want an end to their suffering.  We help them make this choice, which, in my opinion, is the right choice.  The Underworld is a society of live and let live, at least until that cretin, Peter, came to power in Underworld Lover.  You see, we don’t have a true devil (although I’m very flattered you thought me so evil).  As the new Director of the Underworld, Peter thought he could change us into the fierce, fire and brimstone type of place.  My goals were to indulge in every imaginable pleasure for ever after.  Peter thought he could control, bridle me into submission.

Charlene:  Do you feel any remorse at all, preparing souls to take that step to the Underworld? 

Joshua:  Not at all.  I deliver them to their true potential.  Very few have regretted their decision.  In Heavenly Lover, I looked to bring Daniel to the Underworld so we could cut a swath throughout the female population of dark angels.  His love for his Guardian is what made him change his mind, sadly.

Charlene:  I guess it goes without saying I’ve never been to the Underworld.  What’s it really like there?  You said Peter wanted to change the place.  Aren’t there fire pits and burning souls?   Imps with pitchforks?  Does the big man, the Devil, really have horns?  Lol.  I want to know it all.

Joshua:  My dear, we are way more civilized now.  In ancient times, perhaps they succumbed to these pagan rituals, painting their bodies and wearing horns.  But now, we drink RedEx, or Sexual Apricot, have erections that last a week, and, well, love our troubles away.  No need for pain and burning, when the burning of the flesh from desire within is available to us.

Charlene:  I understand in Underworld Lover you meet someone that has you changing how you view things.  *leans forward with a smile*  Tell us about her.

Joshua:  *sighs*  Melanie.  Didn’t see that one coming.  At first I thought I could claim her, take her soul, but then things happened, and, well, I don’t want to spoil it for your readers, but our love turned into something else, and in the end, all I wanted to do was protect her from becoming the concubine of the Director of the Underworld.

Charlene:  Why is she so special?  You’re not the only one that has noticed her.

Joshua:  So true.  But Peter only wanted her for her body.  I wanted her soul, but in the end, I wanted to protect her.

Charlene:  Why is the Director so set on having her?

Joshua:  Partly to torment me.  Partly so he could defile something pure and beautiful.  Melanie is all those things.  She gave herself to me willingly, before she knew who I was.  She loved me as a man I was not.

Charlene:  Please don’t take this wrong but with all his power and resources, how do you expect to best him?   I mean, I know you’re a powerful Dark Angel and only failed to deliver once…  *cringes as she realizes that was probably the wrong thing to bring up*

Joshua:  Yes, bested by one of those bright, shining Guardian Angels, a young waif half my size with that annoying capability to be happy all the time like chirping little birds.  This is indeed a sore subject for me.  I try to claim her in Heavenly Lover. In Underworld Lover we bury some of our past.  But I’ll say no more!
As far as besting Peter.  He has a flaw the size of himself.  His ego.  And he’s mad, truly mad.  He comes from a long line of mentally challenged men and women, who are all blinded by their own reflection in the mirror, as we will see in Book 3 coming this summer.

Charlene:  That's right, Underworld Queen.  I can't wait.  I just love these books.  And I never thought I’d be sitting in my living room having drinks and enjoying an interview with a Dark Angel.  Do stay for dinner.  *a coy smile angles her lips*  You can say grace.

Joshua:  Bless her blushing cheeks, the rosey lips she sips the Meritage in tandem with me.  May my breath bring her erotic dreams of soft beds and silken sheets and a pleasure she has never known before.  Amen, my dear.  Shall we eat?

Charlene:  Oh my word!  *Blushes deep red*  Not what I expected.  *Gulps the Meritage and chokes a little*  I, um…  *Clears throat*  I only wanted you to try real hard to say “I pray” so the readers could see you can’t actually say the word.  But…  Um…  Right.

Joshua:  Ah, yes. This is an interview, after all. I was hoping for a little….nevermind. Perhaps next time.

Charlene:  One more question.  Of all the things in Underworld Lover, what would you tell the reader is the most unexpected?  Something even you were surprised at.  *leans her head to him*  Without giving away too much, that is.

Joshua:  I was surprised that I even could consider giving up my station in the Underworld for the love of a mortal woman.  But I was even more surprised as I learned who would be taking Peter’s place.

Charlene:  Oh, yes.  I agree.  And I loved the conclusion.  Sharon did a wonderful job with your story. *Stands, setting her drink on the coffee table*  Thank you so much for being with me today, Joshua.  Before you leave, could I talk you into sharing an excerpt from Underworld Lover?

Joshua:  Absolutely any time, my dear.  The pleasure was indeed all mine.  Thanks for the wine.  I’ll take my goodbye kiss now….

Charlene:  *Unconsciously leans toward him before she catches herself.  Heat rushes her cheeks and she quickly opens the door*

Joshua:  *Smiles with a knowing gleam in his eye and turns to leave*

Charlene:  *Locks the latch and wilts against the door*  Whew.  I should have listened to my mother. 


Joshua Brandon, a legendary and powerful rogue dark angel, meets a human woman whose soul he cannot take, and finds something he has not experienced before: love. At the same time, a new director comes to power in the Underworld, who asks for a test of Josh's loyalty by delivering this very woman to him.

Melanie Worthington is back among the living, after reeling from the suicide of a close friend. She has no idea she is to become the pawn between two powerful dark angels, one who would command her as his personal concubine, and the other who would set her free.

Will their love survive the battle between the two dark angels, or will Joshua risk his own immortal life to protect the woman he loves?


Across the parking lot, the band of three dark angels gathered close, watching Melanie open the shop. Josh had been focusing on Felix’s face. Tears were streaming down his pink cheeks, a lost puppy dog look in his eyes. Josh knew if he ever needed a huge favor from Felix—something so risky it could mean elimination from the universe—as long as he offered up this little shop girl, Felix would brave whatever Peter and his Underworld allies could dish up. That was something extremely important to know. Josh knew everyone had a price, and it wasn’t usually about money.

Josh knew there were some things anyone would willingly die for. Unlike some of his more ruthless angel friends, he did not see it as a flaw in the DNA, a secret code Father had sewn into everything he created to ensure life would go on or that hope was never entirely eliminated. Hope was something humans felt. Dark angels focused on reality. It was simply the underlying rule. It was smart to know all the rules, big and small, in order to operate as unfettered as possible. He didn’t have to agree with them all. But he damn well needed to know them. The mistake wasn’t in breaking the rules; it was not knowing you were breaking them and what the consequences were.

There’s no right or wrong, just consequences. Always consequences to consider.

Melanie had ducked inside, not giving Josh the chance to see her face, but he saw her blond hair, pulled in a long French braid that cascaded down her back. She wore jeans and a blue, long sleeved T-shirt.

“You can’t talk to her,” Josh said to Felix, who was fixated on the front door. The younger dark angel’s breathing was strong and ragged. His hands were fluttering at the sides of his pants. “I’ll go,” Josh continued.

“Will you tell her I’m okay, that I still love her?” Felix finally looked at his mentor head on.

“But you’re not okay, Felix. You’re dead. Remember? They buried you.”

“No they didn’t, boss.” Karl inserted.  “He came to us before that. They buried a box with a couple of bags of sand.” Karl was, as usual, trying to be helpful, but he pissed Josh off anyway.

“Karl, how many days since you’ve witnessed a vaporization?”

“Please, no. I’m so sorry, sir.”

“You’ll be sorrier as you and your black soul melt in the fires of the Underworld. Shut the fuck up.”

Josh turned back to Felix. “As much as I would like to, I can’t tell her about you. Not unless you want to jeopardize her soul. Do you want me to set it up so you negotiate that with her? I can train you to do it, man.”


“I can fix it, make it so you sit down and reason with her just like Karl demonstrated earlier.”


“Don’t you want just a taste?”


“Try it. You might like it.”

“Fuck no. I want her to live!”

A woman stopped at the traffic light turned and scowled.

Josh continued, “You want her little body? I know you do, Felix.”

“Yeah, but not in that way. I want her alive, not dead.”

“Sorry, man, it doesn’t work that way. But, if you claim her, she can live with you forever.”

“Yeah? Well, I think she’d hate me forever.”

Cars traveled in front of them, bifurcating the distance to the shop.

“Maybe. Maybe not. Well then, you could introduce her to Peter. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

“Shut up. I don’t want her to have anything to do with that guy.”

“Those are good instincts, man,” Josh said. “So, I’m being generous when I tell you I will give her a little warning, something to arm her in case Peter comes calling.” Josh waited to see if Felix would react. “You sure you don’t want to sponsor her, make her yours?”

“Absolutely not.” Felix shook his head.

Josh was pleased. He knew where Felix’s line was and he finally knew how far he could push him. It made him wonder, for just a second, where his own line was. Over the three centuries he’d lived as a dark angel he had been able to find out everyone else’s, but never his own. Part of him thought maybe he didn’t have one after all.

Is there anything I wouldn’t do for a price? He turned his attention back to Karl.

“If this kid gets any ideas, you have my permission to haul him off and summon someone to help you bring him back home, where I’ll give him a lesson of the permanent kind. But Karl, don’t test me, you understand?”

“Crystal clear, sir.” Karl was standing to attention like he’d been entrusted with the keys to the universe, with the heart of a warrior, not an ex-garbage man.

Josh then walked briskly across the street, dodging traffic, toward the gated opening. Music was playing in the background, laced with birdcalls. Colorful birdhouses of various shapes were affixed to poles grounded in large earth-filled pots.

Homes and castles for the fine-feathered things I hate. Josh saw them as nuisances and impediments to his late morning sleep. He didn’t think it was natural anything could be that happy all the time.

Pots of large showy pink and purple hydrangeas along with lemon bushes overloaded with deep yellow fruit and fragrant white blossoms formed the next line in front of the birdhouses. On the floor, tucked away randomly, were shallow pots filled with blooming spring flowers in all the colors possible. Josh’s nose itched. 

He hadn’t seen so much blooming color since his last trip to the Farmer’s Market to visit his friend Simon, the electric cellist who liked to play his sad music and pick up girls.

She’d probably like one of Simon’s CDs. He made a point to get one to her right away. Embedded in the music was a very subtle NLP message a human could not hear except subconsciously; praying for sex, praying for death.

Josh walked through the entrance and was assaulted with a big bouquet of red roses that was moving so fast he was unable to stop before impact. Immediately he felt the crush of the delicious red flora. They emitted their syrupy sweetness through petals that fell on the shoulders and blond head of a beautiful young woman with light pink skin. She looked up at his face, hers registering shock. Her eyes were wide and deep blue as the sky. He was drowning—his heart stopped for a second. The scent of thyme herbal hand cream, fresh lemon soap, and lip-gloss infused with a cherry flavor filled his nostrils. He knew that if he willed her, he could make her stand in front of him, raise her chin, part her lips for him, and beg he claim her.

And, as gratifying as it would be, he didn’t want to make her do it. At last, he shared something in common with Felix.

He wanted to keep her from being captured.

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About the author:

Sharon Hamilton loves all things paranormal: angels, dark angels, Watchers, Guardians, Upogenie and vampires. She also has developed a series of erotic Navy SEAL stories. Her characters follow a spicy road to redemption through passion and true love—n ot exactly what they taught you in Sunday School!  

She lives in Sonoma County, California with her husband, sixty chickens and two Dobermans, and has been a lifelong organic gardener. When she’s not writing, she’s collecting blue and green eggs and getting vera vera dirty in the mud.

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