Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Party - Romance Realm Style

It's that time of year again.  Twinkling lights, bright bows, big smiles, friends, and family...  That's right.  The Christmas holiday is here and we at Ravencraft Romance Realm are going to celebrate it in a big way! 

Mark your calendars.  This weekend we're all gathering at the Realm--elf shoes and all!  And we're giving away the best romance stories.  So be sure to join us!

Here's your special invitation in the words of Danielle Ravencraft herself. :D

~ * ~

I hope everyone in the United States had a great Thanks Giving and a fun Black Friday. Now the time has come to bring out the Christmas tree and the twinkly lights…and join Ravencraft’s Romance Realm in our first ever Christmas party! 

When:  December 10th 2011.

What:  Your lovely hostesses and romance authors Danielle RavencraftDeanna JewelCharlene WilsonBri ClarkKay Dee Royal, and Sharon Hamilton bring you a day of holiday fun as we chat about our favorite holiday traditions, which hunky hero we’d like to invite for Christmas dinner, how to stay warm (and sexy) on Christmas night, and more!

We’ll be on all day sipping wine and chatting it up in the comments section, so join us. We’d love to hear from you, and as always, there are prizes involved…. ;-)

Prizes:  eBook copies of “Glazier” and “Scent of a Witch” by Bri Clark ~ “Heavenly Lover” and “Underworld Lover” by Sharon Hamilton. ~ “A Trace of Love” and “A Trace of Passion” (set to release in January 2012) by Danielle Ravencraft.

PDF copies of “Big Girls Don’t Cry Wolf”, “Seducing the Myth”, and “One Plus One” (set to release December 2011) by Kay Dee Royal. ~ “Unleash your Inner Strength” by Deanna Jewel. ~ “Cornerstone Deep: The Chronicles of Shilo Manor” by Charlene Wilson.

Signed Print copies of “Never Surrender” and “No Turning Back” by Deanna Jewel.

                     (You can view all of these books at our Facebook page.)              

How to win: Easy, just join the party on December 10th and leave us a comment with your name and email address. The more you comment, the better your chances are of winning one or more of the above books. The prizes will be raffled off to our commenters on Sunday, December 11th.

See you there. :) 


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