Thursday, December 15, 2011

BBCN Radio Interview

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Donna Brown on Book Bags and Cat Naps BlogTalk radio show today.  What a great hostess she is!  She had me jabbering. *blush*  I think the highlight of the conversation was the question asked by Lilac.  "Why does Cole love butter so much?"  Oh my word!  Of all the questions someone could ask, that one caught me off guard. Lol!  But it was great fun.  Thank you Lilac.

We talked a bit about Cornerstone Deep and Cornerstone Deep Echoes upcoming release in February.  We even gave a peek into what's coming up with my Aumelan series.

Listen in on the player below to join us.  There was a moment when Skype dropped me...*bumped my head good*...but Donna handled it with grace and we got right back on track. : )  Also, we had a bit of a mishap at the end and didn't get to finish.  But we'll be getting together on Tuesday at 9am CST to continue our discussion.  Yay! :D

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