Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do you have the Oprah Disorder? -- Book Promo

Do you have the Oprah Disorder? I heard book publicists joke that their lives are much easier because Oprah is off the air—at least the old format of her show—and the first question publicists often used to get from authors was “Can you get me on Oprah?”

The Oprah Disorder is the obsession of wanting only the biggest media opportunities like national TV, national magazines, etc., and nothing else. This attitude is a recipe for promotional disaster. Every media opportunity is important, from the smallest local newspaper to the tiniest radio show, because you never know who is reading that paper or listening to that show!

We need to keep in mind that book marketing is more a marathon than a sprint. Success won’t happen over-night and there are going to be ups and downs.

Dan Smith of Smith Publicity says, “It takes time to achieve and sustain promotional momentum, and it typically takes at least two months to see book sales materialize from a promotional campaign. Authors often spend years crafting a book. The most successful then spend at least a year promoting their book in one way or another.”

Stay focused and don’t give up! I try to accept all invitations that will call attention to Cornerstone Deep that come my way.  We need to be open to them…even if it’s that guest post on that little blog with only a few followers. The biggest and best selling tool in the world is word-of-mouth.  And you never know when a jabber jaws will run across that little blog, be hooked, love your book, and spread the word.

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