Saturday, September 1, 2012

Name The Character Contest ~ Vote!

The Name the Character Contest ended yesterday, and as I looked through the suggestions, I knew I'd have a hard time choosing just one.  Several of them could be used for the elite ladies of either Aumelan or Sun City instead of the simple lowly servant young woman I was looking for...I might offer another signed copy of Aumelan to someone in exchange for using one of those names for another character. *smile* (More on that in the days to come...) 

But, right now, here I am trying to decide on the right name for...Miss Unnamed.  I've narrowed it down, though, and have listed the top three below.

  • Ash
  • Elle
  • Losette

I've decided to let you all help in this decision.  I've posted this on my Facebook Fan page and also on my Facebook Profile if you'd like an idea on how the voting is going.  Leave a comment either here on Charlene Blogs or on one of those threads to case your vote. (If we're not connected on Facebook, send a friend request and "like" and I'll be happy to connect with you. *smile*)

Those who suggested names in the contest, will receive a PDF copy of Cornerstones: The First Ten Chapters From Cornerstone Deep, a sampler booklet which introduces you to the Chronicles of Shilo Manor series.  I'll send them out once we get a winner.  I appreciate you helping out! 

The person who suggested the winning name will receive a signed copy of Aumelan when it's published and bragging rights to naming a character in the book!

In case you were wondering about the other names that were suggested, here's the entire list:

  1. Tabetha
  2. Oxanna
  3. Kitina
  4. Tatiana
  5. Anastasia
  6. Adelina
  7. Idalea
  8. Adonica
  9. Liridona
  10. Ash
  11. Candice
  12. Danae
  13. Zahra
  14. Kaelyn
  15. Aria
  16. Elle
  17. Leauman
  18. Carlie
  19. Katie
  20. Barbara
  21. Amanda
  22. Jessica
  23. Ginger
  24. Kim
  25. Betty
  26. Mary  
  27. Martha
  28. Corrin
  29. Maglan
  30. Losette
  31. Dona
  32. Molly
  33. Susan
  34. Anabelle
  35. Louisa
  36. Tina
  37. Janice
  38. Orillian
  39. Missy
  40. Coo
  41. Karella

Until next time, may your dreams be magical.

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