Monday, September 23, 2013

The Transformation of Anna Sneak Peek #3

Here we go again! I’m counting down the days until The Transformation of Anna is released on September 30th and I’m posting sneak peeks along the way to whet your appetite! Here’s…

Sneak Peek #3

She turned to the way she came and stared at the forms as they overtook the narrow alley. A man led center, his companions flanking. Each unified stride caused their capes to furl with controlled motion. The bleak lamp lit their approach—a dark trio. Reapers, all of them—black hair, black eyes, black cloaks. Curfew breakers are never seen again. At that moment, she believed.
Her body trembled and she backed into a corner for support. “This is a nightmare.” Her shallow voice quivered and sent denial through her. “This isn’t happening!” The tomb-like closure briefly echoed her claim but the measured steps resounded as they approached.
Anna held her breath as if to ward off the imminent danger. They stopped a few feet from her and the leader stepped forward.
Endless time filled her as she gazed at their resolute faces. She swallowed hard to ward off the want of air.
The leader gracefully lifted his hand as if setting a butterfly free. A mist, the brilliance of snow crystalline, encircled her and lingered in the air.
Anna struggled to withhold a gasp.
“You have to breathe sometime.”
The voice sifted through her mind. Her lungs burned, begged for relief. Fear gripped her as she succumbed to need and the tiny crystallites flowed past her lips.
The taste of divinity touched her senses and the promise of bliss sang in her mind. The invitation was overwhelming, irresistible. A wave of serenity coated her emotions.
She met his gaze.
A small smile touched his coal eyes that penetrated her soul. Opposition dissolved.
He inhaled the sparkling mist and leaned close. Cradling her face in his hands, he touched his lips to hers. They were warm and seductive, unexpectedly tender. The aroma of licorice and cream flowed through her. She accepted his attention, intoxicated by the offering. In a gentle motion, his tongue lovingly caressed hers. Eternity echoed in her heart.
With a breath, the magic spell filled her. Heat steamed her lungs and filtered throughout her body. Every wave carried with it memories; the last words of her father, the aged photo of her mother she clung to as a child.
Subjection engulfed her mind. All wonderment ceased under its capture. Rapture sealed her senses and final will vanished.

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*The Transformation of Anna is the first book in the Cornerstone Deep series. It was previously published under the title Cornerstone Deep. When rights were reverted to me, I revised, re-edited, and renamed it to flow better with the direction the series is taking.


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