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The Transformation of Anna Sneak Peek #2

I’m counting down the days until The Transformation of Anna is release on September 30th and I’m posting sneak peeks along the way to whet your appetite! Here’s…

Sneak Peek #2

Reclaiming her hand, they resumed their walk.

“Vince, where are you from? The more I think about it your accent really isn’t like any I’ve heard before. And though I absolutely get lost in those eyes, I’ve never seen any that dark.”

He looked at her questioning gaze and sucked in a deep breath. “We’re from far away. It’s not as far as you might think, but farther than anyone here has ever been. We have to guard our heritage strictly. We are very different from any one born to Terra.”

“Um...” she quirked her hand. “I know you probably meant that to sound different, but any one born to Terra?”

Shuffling to a stop, he looked into her blue eyes. “We’re not from Terra, Elaina.”

She nodded once and squinched her cheek. “So, you’re saying you’re not from this planet.”

He couldn’t tell if she was about to laugh or cry by the expression on her face. It could have been sympathetic grace as she thought he was crazy enough to commit into an institution. “I didn’t say I wasn’t from this planet. Just Terra.”

“Right. Well, Terra is a planet, Vince.”

“Just as Meridian.”

“So, you are saying, you’re from a different planet.”

“Same planet.” His words trailed into a whisper as he watched her for a sign of panic. “Elaina, I’m from a different…dimension.”


“That’s right. My home is Meridian. All people from the central realm hold powers similar to mine. It’s oldest, original, sets at the center and inspires the other realms.”

She glanced to the empty air. “I see. And we’re in the Terra realm.”

“Yes. Well, actually, Terra is a Cornerstone realm. Its position is called Cornerstone Deep. Your familiar name is Terra.”

Another nod. “And we all take after Meridian.”

“In a way. Inspiration echoes from the ancient souls and touches the younger, influencing much of the progression made.”

“So we have you to thank for the stinky paper mills and cars.”


“Since, you know, your dimension inspires us. So all the other dimensions have paper mills and cars too?”

Humor puffed past his nostrils. “I guess you could say that, and yes. The cornerstone realms mirror each other, like the midway realms do. I’m sure they have a form of paper mill somewhere.”

Vincent set his hands in his pocket, delighted at how quickly she seemed to take to the information. “The level of influence is effected by how far down the spectrum the position is.”

“If we mirror them, is there a me there too?”

He paused as the odd question halted his explanation. “Well, no.”

“Not much of a mirror.”

“Um…” Her frank tone caught him off guard and he gazed at her with question.

“But you’re not from any of those places.”

Exaggerated innocence peered at him. Okay, she’s turned this into a game. “No.”

“And…your familiar is?”

He sighed and looked at the red brick path. “Champaign.”

“And what’s Champaign’s mirror-place?”

Champaign doesn’t have a mirror dimension. It’s at the center.”

“I see.”

“Elaina, no, you don’t see.” Cradling her face in his hands, Vincent shook his head. “This is completely new, and you don’t believe it. If this is too much, tell me. I need to know you won’t tell anyone.”

Her playful tone melted. “No offense, but if I told anyone this, they’d think I was crazy.”



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*The Transformation of Anna is the first book in the Cornerstone Deep series. It was previously published under the title Cornerstone Deep. When rights were reverted to me, I revised, re-edited, and renamed it to flow better with the direction the series is taking.


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