Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oceans at Arthur's Wild At Heart Book Signing

We had a wonderful time at Oceans at Arthur's in Little Rock, Arkansas with the Wild At Heart book signing.  I wasn't one of the contributing authors, but had such a great time.  These ladies are wonderful!  There were other authors who wrote for these anthologies that weren't able to make it, but several did.

Wild At Heart Vol I: (Young Adult) Authors

Margaret Ethridge, Megan Mitcham, Lori Freeland, Brinda Berry. Also present but not pictured here was Delilah Devlin.

Wild At Heart Vol II: (Adult) Authors

Lynda Fraiser, Cynthia D'Alba, Elle James. Also present but not pictured here was Lauren Smith.

At the signing...

Sneaking a peek at Lori and Brinda there.

A great line-up!
Megan, Lori, Brinda, Margaret, Delilah, Lauren (hiding behind Delilah *hehe*), and then Cynthia, and Lynda way at the end.  Wait.  Where did Elle go?

They were lining up at the table...

and the book passed from one talented hand down the row to the others that wrote for that specific anthology.

And the same thing happened on this end where Vol I (adult) authors signed.  Ha!  There's Elle, between Cynthia and Lynda. *waves*  Hi, babe!

Oh, beautiful smiles, Cynthia and Elle.

Margaret barely made it in this one, but I got great shots of Delilah and Lauren.  By the way, this was the dividing line of the Vol I and II authors.  *smile*

At the Adult anthology end were Lauren, Cynthia, Elle, and Lynda.

The crowd was wonderful and waited patiently in line...

Then moved along the table to meet each author.

And we can't forget the Turpentine crew!  They had a fun table of gifts and goodies to buy that also benefit the Wild Life Rescue.  I wish I had jotted down all their names, but...well...you know.  If you know them, do share!

We were able to raise close to $1000 for Turpentine Creek Wild Life Refuge that day.  But it's not over!  You can help by getting your own copies.  They make wonderful gifts!  I got mine to give this Christmas.  They're available in paperback and e-formats on Amazon and other online vendors.  Just click "Amazon" there and it will take you to the right page. *smile*

Until next time, may your dreams be magical.


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