Sunday, November 6, 2011

Getting A Great Book Review - Part Three

Here we continue with part three of Getting A Great Book Review.  I hope you were able to find some great contacts as you check out these reviewers.  If you missed the first two posts, you can find them here:

Now, for the next 20...

A Book A Day
Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Mystery

A Book Vacation
All Genre-NO Erotica, Extreme Religious Material, Extreme Horror, Textbooks, or Self-help

A Soul Unsung
Mainly Fantasy but also young adult, sci-fi, contemporary young adult, steampunk, paranormal romace, dystopia, horror, urban fantasy. NO Erotica.

Adarna SF
Science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative fiction

All Things Books

All Things Urban Fantasy


Bitten By Books



Horror, crime, noir, suspense, mystery, and thrillers

Paranormal romance, fantasy or historical fiction. Check guidelines.

Fantasy and Steampunk

Romance, YA, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction No political or religious books, will accept certain non-fiction titles.

All, esp Young Adult. No erotica



Horror, Mystery, paranormal, YA, thrillers, fantasy, crime, detective. No erotica, prefer e-books


Fantasy, speculative fiction

All, except novels with overly religious tone, no erotica or adult novels.

Let me know if any of them work for you.  And if you have any of your own to add. : )


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