Monday, November 7, 2011

Cornerstone Deep Echoes To Be Released Feb 2012!

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This happened a few days ago and my mind has been in a whirl since!  Cornerstone Deep Echoes has been accepted for publication and will be released February 15, 2012!  Woot! 

The characters are celebrating.  James immediately broke out the Ambrosia and Linda passed around the glasses.  Elaina headed to the kitchen to make my favorite muffins and Vincent is out back shooting rockets of blue neon with spangles into the sky from his fingers.  Mianna is twirling with the twins, Mandy and Mechenzie, and Cole pulled me into a dance to the song of Meridian.  Dressen is calling a press conference.  This party will be posted on the blog soon so they can express themselves to everyone. *wink*

I’m working on setting up the blog tour for February.  I’m happy to note that I already have 14 dates filled of the 21 I’m planning.  Weekends will be left open unless a host requires a Sat. or Sun.  If anyone’s interested in hosting a day during the tour, drop me a note.  I’d love to take a guest spot or participate in an interview.  There will be giveaways and special prizes as all of this surrounds Valentines Day…and my birthday!  It’s going to be a month long celebration!

Cornerstone Deep Echoes is the second book in my Chronicles of Shilo Manor series.  It takes off the day after Cornerstone Deep ends.  Here’s a little about it…

“Every breath you take is a song to my soul.”

Mianna’s return heals Cole’s soul and he promises to follow her for the rest of his existence.  But the past isn’t what he believes.  The fight for her has only begun. 
Lord Dressen’s obsession grows as unexpected knowledge is revealed.  His search for Mianna spanned six life times and he won’t give up now.  The courts stand behind him.  Power pulses through his veins.  Determination peeks and not even Cole Shilo can stop him.  He will win his prize. 
Struggling to stay ahead, Cole’s anger explodes.  Nothing is sacred when it comes to keeping his love—not even covenants made with gods.  The desire to end a life consumes him.  Through all his efforts, lofty or damned, the truth remains.  Will echoes of another life cause him to fail?
Opening paragraph 
Exhaustion racked Cole’s body.  He squeezed his eyes shut and took a deep breath to cleanse his lungs.  Pressing his palms to his brow, his head sank deeper into the pillow.  The harm he’d caused Anna pulsed through his fatigued mind in fits of memory—distorted flashes that reminded him of the deceit, broken covenants, and ethereal anger.  Did his actions really cost her soul six life times? 

To check out book one click on the flipping book on my side bar.  You can read the first 18 pages of Cornerstone Deep! 

I’ll be setting up an order form on my author and series sites for pre-orders.  Those who pre-order will receive a free PDF of Cornerstone Deep to read until Cornerstone Deep Echoes arrives.  The paperbacks will be signed and personalized according to your order. 

I can’t wait! 

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