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Character Reunion - Wizards, Vamps, Elves, Humans...What A Party!

If you didn't know, I used to participate in a blog called The Character Cafe.  Six authors' characters would take turns blogging through the week.  When we shut down the blog, several people expressed disappointment at not being able to follow the lives of these characters outside the books they were written in.  So...

You’re all invited to a little reunion of some of the characters from Character CafĂ©.

Anastasia Pergakis, J.D. Brown, and I got together on Skype and had a blast putting this script together!  The conversation never lagged (though it’s quite lengthy) and actually got crisscrossed in parts as the characters jabbered with each other.  It’s entirely impromptu.  (I did do some editing as our fingers couldn't keep up).  In parts, we couldn’t hold back and had to laugh out loud or add our own comments.  Sometimes, I wonder if we’re all schizophrenic the way we split and keep the characters with the right personality. Lol.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.  I'll also post this on my site for the fans. :)

Here’s a little guide to the characters…

Charlene Wilson authors Cole, Vincent, James, (wizards) and Mianna (human). From the Cornerstone Deep series. More about them at 

J.D. Brown authors Jalmari, Jesu, and Ema (vampires). From the Dark Heirloom series. More at 

Anastasia Pergakis authors Derac, Kie, Tyn, and Jardel (elves). From the Kinir Elite Chronicles. More about them at 

~Character Reunion ~

Derac: You are all invited to Kinir if you like.
Charlene Wilson: Ok, so Kinir.  Who's invited?
J.D. Brown: My usual trio is here.  They're just quiet tonight.
Derac: All right then. The common room at headquarters. Comfy chairs in there.
Ema: It's like stepping back in time...
Derac: *laugh* Yes, I guess for you it is.
*A dark mass snakes under the front door and billows, taking the form of three men*
Cole: *looks around*
Derac: Hello, Shilos. Please, have a seat.
James: *smiles, his dimples deepening*  Thank you. It's nice to finally get to meet you, Derac.
Jalmari: *looks at Cole*
Derac: Make yourselves comfortable.
Ema: *plops down on a chair*  *Jesu joins her*
Tyn: *enters the room and almost drops his sword* Whoa. We having a party in here?
Vincent: That's the plan, I guess.
Derac: It is a pleasure to meet you as well, James. And yes, Tyn, a little gathering. Join us?
Tyn: *shrugs* Why not?
Ema: *hugs her knees to her chest*
Cole *holds up a bottle of liqueur* Am I the only one who brought something?
Derac: *laughs* Well we don't keep alcohol at headquarters.  But there is a tavern in town a few miles away if you'd like to go there instead.
Jesu: You would not want a drink from us *chuckles*
Cole: Ah. Jesu?  I've heard about you.
Jesu: Yes.  And I you, Cole is it?
Cole: That's right.  No, I don't imagine we will be sharing drinks.
Vincent: *grabs bottle* Well, Tyn and I don't mind sharing one right, Tyn?
Tyn: I would love to, Vincent.
Cole: Uh, Kid, watch it. *turns to the others* Never could hold his liqueur.
Derac: We do have water and a special fruit drink, similar to what humans call Gatorade or PowerAde.
Jalmari: *whispers in a nearly silent vampire voice to Jesu* Is it curious that they can phase?
Jesu: *equally quiet* They're wizards.
Jalmari: Mmm
Ema: *to herself* It's a sausage fest in here.
Anastasia Pergakis: BAHAHAHHA!
Charlene Wilson: A what fest?
Ema: *snickers**small voice*: Sausage?
James: *chuckles*
Derac: Honeysuckle? *chuckles*  --sorry folks, inside joke here-- @
Vincent: *turns bright red*  Ahem.    @
J.D. Brown: ROFL    @
Ema: Not that I'm not enjoying the uh... view.
James: Apologies, Ema, we didn't bring along the ladies.
Ema: *shrugs* I'm starting to get used to it.
Cole: And yes, Jalmari, we're wizards and can basically phase. But from what I understand, yours is a finer talent.
Jalmari: *blinks* So you have acute hearing as well.
Jardel: *pops up out of nowhere* OH, phasing would be good skill to have in our line of work for sure!
James: Jardel, welcome.
Cole: I read emotions and can gather much of a conversation through it.
Jalmari: Interesting.
Vincent: I'd like to see some of that sword play I heard of.
Ema: O.O
Vincent: I tinkered with it at one time.
James:  Ema, you alright?
Ema: Fine, just...swords? Really? Am I the only one here who considers a cell phone a weapon?
Jesu: You are adorable.
Ema: Erm... thank you?
James:  *chuckles* Ever consider a watch one?
Vincent: The elves are very skilled.
Derac: Anything is a weapon if used in the correct fashion.
Vincent: *swigs another drink*
James: Perhaps I'll go gather the others. It might make Ema feel more at ease.
Ema: Thanks, James
Kie: *steps out of the shadow in the corner* I'm here.
Ema: Hello, Kie
Kie: Hello.
Jesu: *nods in greeting*
James: *lifts a hand and turns into the smoke of night. The door swings open and he darts out. It closes behind him*
Kie: That was interesting.
Jalmari: They can't go through the door in phase form?
Cole: No, Jalmari. We manipulate the elements. Disperse to a finer form, but not as advanced as you do.
Jalmari: I see.
Vincent: *stumbles over to Ema and Kie* So, you ladies come here much?
Cole: *rolls his eyes*
Ema: Uh, Vince?
Kie: *laughs* Had a few drinks have we?
Ema: How's your lovely fiancé? *smiles sweetly*
Cole: *takes bottle from Vince* Told you he couldn't hold his liqueur.
Ema: *giggles*
Vince: I'm doing just fine.  I was just being socialable-ish.  So… Do you like older men?
Kie: *laughs again*
Ema: *laughs* Not like I have a choice, you have centuries on me.
Jesu: *pulls Ema closer to him*
Vincent: Well, hello, Jesu.  Um... *leans to him* Can I ask you a little question?
Jesu:  raises an eyebrow*
Kie: This should be good.
Vincent: *points to his hand* Is that the latest fad here on Cornerstone Summit?
Jesu; *glances at his hand*
Vincent: I mean, I see the others from Kinir like the pointed ears thing.  Do they dye skin here now?
Derac: *chokes on his water* We are BORN with our ears this way. It's not a fad.
Cole: *crosses his arms and laughs*
Kie: *laughs* I knew it would be good.
Tyn: *leans in to Cole* He knows he's not in Cornerstone Summit right now, correct?
Jesu: Why don't you ask a human from Africa if his skin is a fad?
Anastasia Pergakis: NICE ONE, Jesu!
J.D. Brown: (chuckle)
Vincent: *swaggers to face Tyn* I know we're in Kinri. But Jesu is from Cornerstone Summit.
Derac, Kie, Tyn, and Jardel: *laugh*
Vincent: And I've seen many colors of skin. Just not blue. *puts his hand to his chest and bows a little* My apologies, sir, if I have offended you.
Jesu: We have races and different levels of pigment like anyone else.
Kie: *hides her laugh behind her hand*
Vincent: Ah. A vampire thing?
Jardel: I want whatever he is drinking. Looks like fun.
Derac: *narrows eyes at Jardel* No.
Cole: *chuckles and holds his side*
Vincent: Then, most, most apologies extended.
Ema: Don't worry, Vince, I asked the same question.
Derac: *leans in to Cole* He's not going to blow up the headquarters in his drunkenness is he?
*Vincent grabs the bottle from Cole but Cole raises his hand and it shoots back into his palm*
Cole: Not a chance, Kid.  *to Derac*  Just keep him amused until James gets back he'll fix anything Vince destroys.
Ema: Surprised no one asked about my eyes...
Tyn: I'm sorry, Ema. Are your eyes rare where you come from? We see all sorts of colors here.
Ema: Oh.
Vincent: Oh! Is that how I should have asked you that, Jesu?
Jesu: It would have been more polite.
Ema: They would be weird if you were a human.
Tyn: Ahh, I see. Well, humans here I guess don't have eyes like that, but I knew you were not a human so didn't pay them much attention. Figured it was normal. I apologize.
Ema: It's fine, I was being sarcastic :)
Tyn: *smiles*
Vincent: *leans to Tyn* Good one, bud.
Derac: *leans to Vincent* He has a skill with ladies unmatched by anyone I ever knew.
Vincent: *straightens* You haven't seem me at work yet, sir Derelec.
J.D. Brown: Derelec??  lol
Kie: Derelec!??! *laughs so hard she bends slightly with her arms around her stomach*
Charlene Wilson: lol
Vincent: *saunters over to Ema*
Derac: Males should never saunter.
Vincent: *lifts a hand and a daisy flies through the window into his palm*
*Jesu wraps an arm around Ema's waist causing her to blush*
Cole: *leans to Derac* Um, James will fix that window when he gets back.
J.D. Brown: ROFL
Derac: Oh, good.
Vincent: Sweet Hjeribute. Please accept my token.
Cole: *grimaces*
Derac: *chokes on his water again and laughs*
Kie: Well, this has been entertaining but I think I'm going to head to the archery range. Ema would you like to join me? I can teach you.
Ema: O.O Me? *looks at Vincent then Kie then Jesu then back at Kie then at Jesu then Vincent* Uh…
Charlene Wilson: lol
Vincent: *shines his smile*
Jesu: *whispers* Go with Kie if you want.
Vincent: Oh, archery. I love archery.
Kie: Sorry, Vincent. Ladies only.
Ema: Yeah... *she maneuvers around Vincent without touching him*
Vincent: It's like sworder play.
Derac: Sworder?
Jesu: *narrows his eyes at Vince*
Kie: *leads Ema out of the room* Let's go have some fun by ourselves. Derac and Tyn will handle things here.
Ema: Sure.
Cole: Kid, why don't you go get Elaina.
Derac: You mean go TO Elaina?
J.D. Brown: lol
Vincent: *tucks the daisy in his cape*
Cole: Good idea, Derac. Go find Elaina. I know she'd love to keep you company.
*Vincent smiles and lifts a hand, dispersing into the smoke of night*
Jesu: Would he be well, traveling in his state?
*Vincent headed for the door and his elements spattered against the barrier*
Anastasia Pergakis: (I could totally see whips of drunk smoke running into a wall!!)
Anastasia Pergakis: BHAHAHAh I knew it.
*then sluggishly squirmed under the door and across the lawn*
Derac: *laughs and watches the smoke from the window*
Jalmari: *laughs out loud*
Cole: *shakes head* My apologies.
Jalmari: That was amusing.
Derac: Indeed.
Cole: Still a kid whether he likes it or not.
Derac:  We all were at one time.
Jalmari: *grins then looks to Jesu*
Tyn: *scoffs* He's not a kid. He's older than Derac and I combined.
Cole: His soul is young.
Jalmari: Still younger than I.
Tyn: Ahh, yes.
Cole: This is his first lifespan.
Tyn: That's right. I forgot about that.  Where did Jardel go?
Derac: *shakes head* Speaking of young ones...Jardel comes and goes as he pleases. Probably at the tavern by now.
Jalmari: How does that work? How long is one life span for your kind?
Cole: Vince is 2500 yrs old.  I'm 3600, James is 3300.
Jalmari: Interesting.
Derac: Now is that 3600 in your second life span or over all your life spans put together?
Cole: That is in this life span.
Derac: I see.
Cole: James and I have lived two other lives.  So our souls are considerably older than Kid's.
Derac and Tyn: Right.
Jesu: You are older than us.
Derac: I think I'm the youngest one here. Don't know how I feel about that....
Charlene Wilson: lol
Jalmari: Ema is younger.
Derac: *nods* But she's outside right now. I was just considering us in the room at the moment.
Jalmari: *nods*
Cole: So I'm the eldest?
Derac: Appears to be that way. If I understand correctly.
Cole: It's a good thing Lord Dressen isn't here.
Jalmari: Or my father
Cole: Yes. They'd be a sight together.
Jalmari: Though if you count all your life spans, you are older than my father.
Cole: Lord Dressen is even older.
Derac: *blinks* I just Great grand father isn't even close to any of you in age. Wow.  So I guess I'm just a kid to you too, huh?
Cole: *chuckles and swigs a drink*  Does this cause you distress?
Derac: Yes, Cole. Very much so.
Jalmari: You run out of reasons to live eventually.  When you are that old.
Cole: Not if you've found your soul-mate.
Derac and Jesu: *winces*
Jalmari: *glowers*
Jesu: That is sort of the problem for him, Cole.
Cole: How's that?
Jesu: She passed.
Cole: *sets a hand on his shoulder* You will find her again, my friend.  She will be reborn.
Jesu: And we do not have reincarnation.
Cole: Do vampire natures not allow it?
Jesu: Not as far as I know.
Jalmari: *sulks by the window*
Jesu: It was recent.
Derac: We don't either, have reincarnation that is. We believe that you live on even after your death, through the ones you touched during your life time.
*The door flies open and a dark mass enters. James and Mianna form*
Jalmari: *bows his head at the lady*
Ema: *comes back in* Man, that Kie is a trip!
Kie: *Enters behind Ema* What? What did I do? *laughs*
Ema: Shooting arrows in phase form! That was fun!
Kie: *laughs* I'm glad you had fun.
Ema: They pull together and turn visible again just before hitting the target.
Jesu: *smiles at Ema's enthusiasm*
Kie: It was interesting to see it myself. Too bad I do not possess such skill. It would make my stealth perfect.
Derac: *scoffs* Like you need to be more stealthy. Please.
Kie: *chuckles*
J.D. Brown: lol
Ema: Oh, James and Mianna are here.
Kie: Hello again, James, and welcome, Mianna
Mianna: *bounces over to Ema and hugs her tight* Oh, Ema! I'm so glad I finally get to meet you!
Ema: too.
James: The pleasure is mine. *lifts a hand at the window and glass flies back into place*  I see Vincent had a bit too much.
Derac: LOL Yes he did. Crashed a daisy right through the glass.
Jesu: *laughs*
James: A daisy.
J.D. Brown: Dude, that doesn't even make sense.
James: *shakes head* He saves the daisy but shatters the glass.
J.D. Brown: ROFL
Charlene Wilson: LOL Jen.
Anastasia Pergakis: I know right?
Charlene Wilson: BAHAHAHAHA  Wizards, man! Love ‘em!
Ema: It was a sweet attempt.
Jesu: *squirms a bit* I can bring you a flower.
Charlene Wilson: Jen! Still laughing at your comment.
Anastasia Pergakis: Me too hehehe
Charlene Wilson: (dude that doesn't even make sense)
J.D. Brown: Well it doesn't! You try breaking glass with a Daisy! LOL
Charlene Wilson: lololol right?
Anastasia Pergakis: heheheheh
Ema: Oh, that's okay, Jesu.
Kie: I could do it.
Cole & James & Mianna: O.O
J.D. Brown: Mashing the daisy into the window doesn't count, Kie
Kie: I know *winks*
Derac: *whispers* She likes to pretend she has more skills than she has.
Mianna: *jumps up and down* I want to see you do it, Kie!
Kie: *punches Derac in the shoulder*
Derac: Ow! That really hurt!
Kie: Big baby.
Ema: I can do it. *big smile*
Charlene Wilson: No phasing.
Ema: Dang, you caught me.
Charlene Wilson: (chuckle)
Derac: *risks another punch and whispers to everyone else* Really it's a trick she does where she breaks the window JUST before the daisy hits it LOOKS like the daisy breaks the window. Like an illusion, slight of hand thing.
Kie: *punches him in the shoulder again*
Mianna: *jumps over to her* I want to see you do it, Kie!
Jesu: Why not? James can fix the glass again, right?
James: Certainly.
Kie: *smiles* Alright. *picks a daisy, throws it at the window. The window shatters and the daisy falls to the floor inside* See? Simple.
J.D. Brown: lol
Mianna: *blinks*
Kie: *picks up the daisy off the floor*
Ema: wtf did I just see?
Kie: A daisy breaking a window.  *smiles*
*Jalmari and Jesu snicker*
Jesu: Probably saw what Jalmari and I saw.
Kie: The tiny pebble? *laughs*
Jesu: Indeed
James: *waves a hand and the glass whirls into place. A tiny pebble taps around the surface as if trying to get back out*
Ema: That was weird, it was all in slow motion.
James: *smiles*
Mianna: *leans to Cole* Did you see that? She broke a window with a daisy.
Cole: *wraps his arms around her shoulders and pulls her close* Yes, my love. They are amazing. *winks at Kie*
Kie: *winks back*
Derac: *whispers to Kie* Show off.
Kie: *smiles innocently*
J.D. Brown: Okay, I know you vampires don't sleep, but your author does!
Anastasia Pergakis: NO sleeping!
J.D. Brown: They can spend the night in your head.  Or in Charlene's.
Charlene Wilson: No, no. I need my sleep too.
Anastasia Pergakis: Everyone's leaving me?
Derac: I'm always here.
Anastasia Pergakis: Yes, yes, I know Derac.


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