Thursday, September 1, 2011

Introducing The Ink Crusade on BlogTalkRadio - I Went And Did It Again

Last night I joined Anastasia V. Pergakis and J.D. Brown on Blogtalkradio's The Ink Crusade. That's right.  I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone and signed up to do a talk show with these wonderful ladies.

We talk about writing, books, publishing, and everything in between.  We broadcast on the 1st of every month with our show Book Blab, where we talk with other authors about their books. On the 16th of every month is our Writer Tribus show, where we share tips and advice about the writing industry.  Our shows are scheduled for either 1:30pm or midnight eastern time.  If you can't make it to a show during that time, you're welcome to catch it later in the archives.

For our first show, we introduced ourselves to everyone and had some fun.  Have a listen.  I'm the one doing the nervous laughing. Lol.


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