Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lost In Amazon...Book Promo

I’m always on the look out for more places to promote my book, Cornerstone Deep.  So, when my publisher mentioned a few more opportunities on our group loop, I checked them out. 

Okay, this might sound like an add for Amazon, but I was surprised at how much they offered by way of author involvement.  To be honest, when I checked around the Amazon world, I was intimidated.  It’s huge!  And I found it difficult to sort it all out.  One of our fellow authors said that she got lost in Amazon.  We all agreed that would make a great title for an adventure novel.  *teehee*  Lost In Amazon. 


My publisher, to my delight, provided easy access links to get me to the right places.  Author Central seemed to gather the most conversation with several mentioning how it helped them. 

With Author Central, you can upload your book trailers, link your twitter feeds, announce upcoming events like book signings, etc.  Your book information is taken from Amazon’s “shelf” and available for readers to check out…including reviews that have been posted.  You can access your books’ sales information and find out where they’re selling best and in what format.

Shelfari is another place to share your works.  What I like about this was that you can add information about your book; the characters, settings, and favorite quotes.  Your readers can also add their favorite sayings from your book.  Others can add tags to help your book be found in more places when readers search and reviews can be added there too.  It’s set up in a way that makes it easy to keep track of what’s on your TBR list and what you’ve read and rated.  If anyone wants to swap reads and review, let me know. *wink*

I haven’t looked into it yet, but they have an area for Kindle users.  You can sign up to allow readers to highlight and comment on parts of your book, and you can leave little bits of added information for them…interact with your fans. : )   

I hope this gave you a few things to check into if you haven’t already gotten involved.  If you know of anything that is working great for you, do share!


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