Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cover Reveal ~ Aumelan, Blessed of the Gods

I have great news! 

Aumelan, Blessed of the Gods, is slated for release in January 2015, and I got the cover! Of course, I'm excited to share it with you. Sweet!

Chad Aumelan is in love, but his world isn't right. Not when he's forbidden to have Dee just because she's his slave. 
When Salana Goffin meets Chad, she's faced with the unbelievable: A man who must take energy from a host to survive. He wants to find a cure to free the woman he loves. How can Salana turn away such a noble cause?
Together, they search for answers, but fate has another plan.
A story of love, devotion, and courage, Aumelan introduces us to a world where hearts and souls unite to ensure freedom is a gift for all and love between peoples is possible.

I can't wait for this story to be available for everyone. It's been in my head since I was 15. That's right, 15! Now that's got to be a record. Lol!

Until next time,
May your dreams be magical.

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