Friday, August 23, 2013

Grand Canyon ~ The Rustic Setting To Kingdom, Rise

During our trip out west, we were able to spend some time taking in some true wonders. I'd never seen the Grand Canyon and excited to finally get to go there. Pictures don't do it justice. It's a big wow!

I'll let you in on a little tid-bit. You all know I'm working on my Aumelan series that takes in the caverns of the World Beneath the Rock. But as Chad leaves his underground home to find answers, his search takes him to Terrace Well. This is in the fourth book, so I'm giving you big insight here. *wink*  Terrace Well looks much like the Grand Canyon. I was great to view first hand a setting for this book called Kingdom, Rise.

A few more photos can be found on my Facebook Fan page.

That's it for now. Tomorrow,  we'll venture deep into Carlsbad Caverns, the beautiful setting to Aumelan and World Beneath the Rock, books one and two of the Aumelan series. See you then!

Until next time, may your dreams be magical.  


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