Saturday, December 1, 2012

One for Kami's First Official Review!

This week has been a long one for me.  Rushing, fussing, making sure things are lined out for events...  I was just plain tired and ready to crash last night.  But, when I checked my email and found that my upcoming short story, One for Kami, had received it's first review, I could have Snoopy Danced.  It's from Gothic Mom's Book Reviews and I was so elated that she loved Kami's little story.  I won't share the whole review, she has it set to post on January 28th at her Gothic Mom's Book Reviews site.  But here's a glimpse. *wink*

Wilson's ability to touch your heart shines through in each of her books, and One for Kami is no different...”—Annette, Gothic Mom’s Reviews 

If you haven't heard of One for Kami yet, here's a bit about my short "lunchtime read" that will release in February 2013...

Can love be true if shared with more than one?  Kami doesn’t think so when she finds Ian is an elite and required to take three wives to eliminate the poverty-stricken population.  Why can’t he be poor like she thought he was when she fell in love with him? 

Determined to find a realm that doesn’t have such dictates, she travels to dimension Three-Two-Three to begin her search.  But is love truer in a place that only allows one spouse than it is in Ian’s heart?

~ * ~

“Love can show itself in all kinds of ways.

The kicker is accepting it for what it is.”

Thank you Annette at Gothic Mom's for making my day and week!  

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One for Kami

Until next time, may your dreams be magical.  


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Anonymous said...

Excellent world-building, quick, nice surprise left me smiling:) Kami wants every woman's true love;)