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April A-Z C is for Character Interview with the stars of Staring into the Eyes of Chance


C is for Character interview with the stars of Staring into the Eyes of Chance.

It's my pleasure to introduce the stars of Kay Dee Royal's Erotic Romance, Staring into the Eyes of Chance.  Don't worry, this interview is completely PG13.  *wink*  They were wonderful guests!

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Charlene fills the teapot and places it on the stove.  Turning to her fluffy schnauzer, she leads him into the back room and sets the doggie gate in place.  With a good-boy pat, she gives him a “KooJo Treat” and heads to the living room. 

A rap comes at the door and she swings it wide to her Charlene Blogs Character Interview guests.

Charlene:  Olivia, Chance welcome!  Come in.  Let me get you something to drink.  *heads for the cordial cabinet*  What’ll you have?

Olivia: Oh, goodness, it’s a bit early for me and alcohol.  I’m more of a teetotaler…green tea and lavender.  I actually brought some and would love to share it with you, Charlene.  All we need is a spot of hot water.

Chance: I’m not quite that trained yet… *grins at Olivia*  I’d love whatever you’re having, Charlene.  *looks at Charlene*  It takes a lot for my kind to get inebriated.  But, don’t worry, I promise not to empty your cabinet.

Charlene:   Hahaha, Chance.  I’m not worried.  I can always restock.  But thanks for the warning.  *winks and changes direction for the kitchen*  Why don’t we all enjoy some tea.  I have hot water on the standby.  I’m so glad you could stop by.  I know with the release of Staring Into the Eyes of Chance you and Kay Dee have been very busy. 

Olivia: Well, thank you so much for having us.  Chance and I have looked forward to spending time with you.  Kay Dee speaks of you with such admiration.  *smiles, and then sighs*

Charlene:  Oh, she’s such a sweetheart.  Always helping others, too.  *sets tray with cups and teapot on the coffee table then leans to Olivia*  I’ll let you prepare it.  I know you’re the pro.  *takes the seat across from them* 

Olivia:  *pulls out teabags and a couple of infusers filled with fragrant lavender*  Yeah, Kay Dee works pretty hard…I’ve been on her a bit about managing her writing schedule better.  She needs to spend a little time at Nature’s Friends in Need, my wildlife refuge and preserve.  It can recharge, be regenerating, relaxing, serene…

Chance:  *interrupts* OR, it can be taken over by a dangerous crazed rogue.  Sorry, Olivia, I don’t think this is a good time for anyone to visit your place.  Not that in the past it wasn’t all those things you’ve described, *takes Olivia’s hand*  it just isn’t right now.

Olivia: True…I guess.  Smoke, the rogue and his pack, have pretty much taken over my property and destroyed a portion of my non-profit business.  *Olivia pulls her hand from Chance’s hold and looks toward Charlene*  It won’t take long before it’s restored.  I’ve mentioned that to Kay Dee.  I believe she’s on board with that.

KooJo runs in and jumps into Olivia’s lap.

Olivia: *eyes glaze over with moisture*  Oh, my, you friendly boy.  You remind me of my Rebel.  *scratches him behind the ears*  Rebel loved this.

Charlene:  Oh my word.  I’m so sorry.  I hope you don’t mind a little added attention.  He seems to really like you two.

Chance: Well, Olivia, what’s your read on him…does he like us?

Olivia:  *giggles*  Oh, yes…but he truly loves Charlene.  His whole insides beam for her.  *turns toward Charlene*  Like a ray of sunshine connects the two of you.

He settles into a serene lounge, tongue flopping out with his happy panting.

Charlene:  Aww!  That is so sweet.  Do you have some kind of gift with animals?

Olivia:  Yes, I guess I do.  I’ve had the ability to psychically read their feeling, emotion, or energy and with this sort of empathy, I can also help in calming.  I wasn’t very old when I realized not everyone could do what I do with animals.

Chance:  Yeah, Olivia has an awesome animal psychic ability…almost got me and my pack in trouble.  *chuckles*  Guess that part of the story is better left for the readers to discover.

Charlene:  Oh, oh.  *laughs*  Now you’re not getting off the hook that easily.  *smiles at Olivia*  What did you think the first time you met Chance?

Chance: Now, be careful, Olivia…Kay Dee might get upset with us if we give too much of our story away.

Olivia: I don’t think she’d mind this…  Let’s just say the first time I met Chance, I could read him…psychically, and I’d never been able to read a human before that day.  Well…little did I know then what I know now.  *Laughs*

Charlene:  Okay, I won’t push it anymore for now.  *winks*  Well, that’s a perfect gift for what you do, Olivia.  What kind of animals do you rescue?  How long have you been doing it?

Olivia:  I’ve been a wildlife advocate for years, even spent time working for a veterinarian, in fact, he helps me out sometimes with supplies.  I’ve had a number of wildlife species, like an abandoned wolf pup or a number of fawn, lots of injured critters, like raccoon, bobcat, hawk, even had a great Horned Owl once.

Charlene:  And I hear you’re a forest ranger, Chance...  *smiles and lifts brows, waiting for him to fill in the dots*

Chance: One of my many disguises.  I’ve lived long and trained many years, so when I don a disguise, I play the role like it’s a life-long career…and actually, any one of my roles could be my life-long career.

Charlene:  How about you?  What went through your mind when you met Olivia?

Chance: I guess it’s okay to admit this now.  *chuckles a bit uncomfortably*  There was something about Olivia, hard to explain, other than I had such a strong draw to her…it made no sense to me, but I couldn’t seem to control it either.  The first time I’d ever had anything like that happen to me.  *Gazes at Olivia*  If I could have pulled you away from the others, I might have staked claim to you right then and there and not been the wiser as to the ‘why’ of it.

*Olivia blushes*

Charlene:  *looks from one to the other and decides not to have him expound*  So, tell me, how did you two meet?  You seem like the perfect pair, a forester and a wildlife reserve owner.

*Olivia and Chance look at each other, then both turn toward Charlene *

Olivia: I was set up by my sister, Lacey.  I had a thirty-four year marriage to a liar and a cheat, but Lacey’s been hell-bent on setting me up with someone ever since my husband, Ray, died.  After two years of bad set-ups, I just wanted to be done with her attempts.  It ended up she finagled me into meeting with Chance.

Chance: Well, you weren’t the only one Lacey manipulated.  BUT, I’m truly indebted to her.  *Chance reaches over and squeezes Olivia’s hand*

Olivia: Not sure ‘we’ wouldn’t have happened anyway, without the help of Lacey…of course she loves taking all the credit for it.  *laughs out loud*  Wait until you meet her for the first time.

Chance: Or for that matter, Olivia’s best friend, Lindsey.  You’ll never forget her.  All I can add to that is…hope she likes you.

Olivia: Now Chance, that’s not fair when Lindsey’s not here to defend herself.  So sorry, Charlene.

Charlene:  *laughs*  Oh, I gotta meet Lacy!  Maybe she could fix my love life.  *laughs again and then realizes she said that out loud.  flushes deep red as the baking timer dings* Oh!  I totally forgot.  *rushes to the oven and removes fresh applesauce muffins, dishes them out and places them on the coffee table* I understand they’re a favorite.  *sits back down, thankful for the save*

Olivia: Why Charlene…you’ve read our story.  How else would you know about my applesauce muffins?  *smiles*

Charlene:  Yes, ma’am I did.  *smiles and turns to Chance*  So, did you think you really had a chance with Olivia, Chance?  *laughs at her own joke then quickly calms when she gets the “like I’ve never heard that before” look.  *her cheeks burn red again and she clears her throat*

Chance:  Uh-hum.  Olivia, I believe Charlene’s question is directed to me?

Charlene:  *perks up as she realizes Chance would answer her question even with the lame comment*

Olivia:  Oh, right.  Of course…so, Chance do you think you had a chance in hell with me?

Chance:  Let’s just say, you’d been love-starved, Olivia…so my chances were pretty darn good if I played my furry-self right.  *chuckles*

Charlene:  *covers her mouth with her fingers to hide a snicker*  So, what’s up with this rogue wolf hanging around your property?

Chance: The LIIA (Lycan International Investigation Agency) has been tailing this rogue and his pack all over the world for a couple of years.  He goes by ‘Smoke.’  We don’t know much about where he originated, but his crimes against the Lycan Brotherhood and Elders would make a mile long listing.

Charlene:  That’s got to be terrifying.  *leans close* He doesn’t hurt anyone does he?

Chance:  He’s left a trail of kidnapping, death, and destruction…and somehow he ends up on Olivia’s two-thousand acres.  She’s lost too much from this tyrant.

Charlene:  *nods as she recalls the losses from the story and leans her head sympathetically*  I’m so sorry, Olivia.

*Olivia folds her hands in her lap and looks down*

*Chance slides his chair closer to her and wraps an arm around her shoulder* *A knowing look passes between them*

Charlene:  Okay.  Let’s lighten the topic.  Off the top of your heads, what is your favorite animal and why?

Olivia and Chance: WOLF

Koojo’s head jerks up and his ears perk.  Olivia automatically scratches behind his ears to calm him.

Charlene:  *quirks a grin*  And why?

Olivia:  Need we really say why?  All I can tell you is they are such free-spirits…kindred spirits, if you will.

Charlene:    I’m sorry I’m not an expert, but, *leans her head and look at Chance* would you explain what a Lycan really is?

Chance: Lycan are shifters, wolf to human-form, and back again to our furry-form within seconds.  We have a few abilities different from humans, like injuries heal much, much faster, within hours most of the time.  We run at great speeds and have long endurance for going hundreds of miles in a day.  Our strength comes in pretty handy, as does our ability to jump over eight-foot fences.  *Chance winks at Olivia*  And, of course, we have enhanced senses, smell, taste, eye-sight, hearing…with the pack’s ability to telecommunicate with each other.

Charlene:  Wow.  That’s just phenomenal.  Did you have any idea Chance was one, Olivia? 

Olivia: Absolutely none.  I never considered the possibility…I mean, honestly, it was only in fiction.  *laughs out loud*  I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it.

Charlene:  Well, I’m just so thrilled you found each other.  *gives them a sidelong look knowing full well the answer to her next question*  You do get together, right?

Chance:  Charlene, dear, do you honestly need to ask that question?  *chuckles*

Charlene:  *grins big and indicates the blog readers with her glance*  Actually, yes I do, Chance. 

Olivia:  Chance.  *blushes, then looks straight at Charlene*  I don’t think Kay Dee would want us chatting about the “us” in the story, but may I quickly add…it is an extremely graphic “us.”

Charlene:  *nods*  Ah, right.  Your story is an Erotic Romance.  Do you think you could share an excerpt with us?  A, um, pg13 rated one, that is. 

Staring Into the Eyes of Chance
Olivia closed her eyes, calling up her animal sensitivity ability, while shoving down her own panic. After years of psychically working with animals, she knew they sensed panic and fear. Her breathing needed regulating.
Olivia relaxed as best she could and opened her mind. She sensed the wolf; masculine. He came across with an urgent need to protect, more like helping her feel safe. Another howl, with a deep and sinister timbre, shattered her concentration. A stab of electricity zipped through her, pumping adrenaline and tightening every muscle. This howl came from farther inside the forest than the first one. She sensed aggression in the wolves within the forest, ready for battle. Her heart drummed against her ribs in anticipation of an answering call, and she couldn’t stop the tremors running rampant in her belly.
Instead she saw the lights go out through her closed eyelids. She opened her eyes and saw nothing but blackness.
Nine o’clock on a September evening, what did she expect? Damn power company! Hopefully Lacey sat in the Jacuzzi and wouldn’t come running out.
She lay listening for any sound. Her own breath, the loudest panting she’d ever heard, came in at a close second to her heart banging against the walls of her chest. Slowly, she sat up. The back of her head throbbed, her spine hurt, and the front of her body ached, especially her breasts. She bent her legs to stand and in that same moment a jet of hot mist coated her face.
Wolf breath.
Olivia froze, tamping down the run-for-your-life urge. Her mind reached toward the beast beside her, searching his energy markers, his emotions, urges. She read him as curious, stimulated. Maybe a misread of…sexually stimulated? She sat back on her haunches, figuring if she stretched at least four feet of her five-foot ten frame, maybe she’d appear larger. His breath assailed her from above, she remained squatted.
Damn, this thing is huge!
He sniffed the top of her head, down by her ear, licked the length of her neck and up the side of her face. Another howl close by, echoing near the tree-line, got the wolf’s attention. He raised his head from her and shoved her body back with his own. She went down on her butt, folding her legs sideways. Fur from his backside pressed into the front of her, including her face. Olivia turned her head away and took a breath. A shiver began in her belly and inched through her arms, legs, and up her neck. She sensed his urgency, he must move and his need…again, to keep her safe and again something else, another misread?
He moved back, his head next to hers. A growl vibrated, harsh and deep, beside her ear. Olivia jumped when he yipped instead of howled. He circled her, stopping behind her. A sudden scratch of claws and pebbles from rain washout near the barn pelted her. Air swirled around her as the wolf leaped over her head in the direction of the woods.
Olivia’s breath whooshed out like a balloon being released. Tears welled and trickled down her face. The wolf’s size was about as abnormal as it got. She’d never heard of any wolf being that large. She’d done plenty of research on the species, brushing up for the wolf pup she rehabilitated and released back into the wild years ago when Ray and she first opened the refuge, before they owned the preserve property.
Olivia pushed herself up onto wobbly legs, her stomach lurched, and before she could blink, vomit spewed. She retched hard, falling onto her hands and knees, weak and crying, something she hadn’t done since Ray’s funeral. As if on cue, all the lights popped on, illuminating her shadow against the barn wall.
Oh, that’s lovely. Damn power company.

Charlene:  What a great excerpt!  *stands with a big smile*  Thank you so much for being here you two.  Be sure to give Kay Dee a big hug for me.

Koojo jumps down from Olivia’s lap as they stand.

Olivia:  It’s been a pleasure, thank you for having us.  I know Kay Dee will be all over us to find out how it went.  *giggles*

Chance:  Charlene, thank you for making us feel comfortable…I have to admit I was a bit nervous about doing an interview, but Kay Dee told us you’d be gentle with us.  She was right…as usual.

Charlene: Aww, she really is such a sweetie.  *walks with them to the door*  And you’re welcome back anytime. 

As Olivia and Chance make their way down the walk, Charlene turns and kneels before Koojo.  Cuddling him into her arms, her heart melts. 

Charlene:  Oh, you sweet furry clump.  My insides beam for you too.

~ * ~

Olivia endures a thirty-four year passionless marriage, discovering her dead husband’s philandering history at his funeral. She devotes her energy and life-long sensitivity with animals to her wildlife refuge and preserve.
Chance, a Lycan alpha and leader of the Lycan International Investigation Agency (LIIA) throws himself into his investigations. He chooses to neglect his duty of finding a primal-mate after watching his father become an empty shell over the loss of his.
A murderous rogue pack draws Chance onto Olivia’s wildlife preserve, sending Olivia’s animal sensitivities into overdrive. Chance and Olivia discover a sizzling force driving them together.
Will they succumb to its enticing tether, or fight to resume their loveless lives apart?

For more info and buy link ~ Muse It Up Publishing

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Anonymous said...

Olivia: Hi Charlene! Kay Dee told us we had to hang around for a bit to answer questions or comments. I'd really appreciate another cup of tea. Would you have some hot water?

Chance: Yep...I'm here as well. Not sure how long I'll be able to stay though, I'm being called to duty today. *smiles* I hope you understand...everyone.

Charlene A. Wilson said...

Good morning, you two. You're up early. But I know you had to take care of the critters. I'll put the water on to heat. I'm out of applesauce muffins. The girls attacked them after the interview and...well you know teenagers. But I have bagels on the counter.

No problem, Chance. Take care of business when you need to. We understand. :-)

How's that injured raccoon? It was a raccoon right? *whew* It's still early for me. Lol. Gotta get my brain and body going.

J. D. Brown said...

I read this last night, I absolutely loved it! Best character chat by Charlene yet! And of course it's also starring one of my other favorite authors and sisters, Kay Dee! Love, love, love! :)

Marsha A. Moore said...

Great chat Kay Dee, Chance, and Olivia! Charlene knows how to be a fantastic hostess.

Anonymous said...

Olivia: Well, Chance has left for the day, but I can answer for Kay Dee ~ she loves the Ravencraft's Romance Realm "sistas" ~ she talks about each one of you often with honor and admiration. *smiles* She feels very close to each of you...sort of sounds like how I feel about my good friend, Lindsey.

Thank you all for stopping by ~ I'll be sure and let Kay Dee know you stopped in to say 'Hi' to Chance and I.

Have a wonderful week, ladies.

Charlene A. Wilson said...

Aww, thanks, JD and Marsha. I'm glad you like it. :)

Thanks again for being my guests, Olivia and Chance. All the best with the new release!

Anonymous said...

OLIVIA: Charlene...both, Chance and I enjoyed our time with you. We loved KooJo, too. *smile*

Thank you for reading our story...more to come soon.

BIG Thank you for having us here today. We wish you much success with your newest release also, Cornerstone Deep Echoes. Congratulations.