Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Senior Love And The Click

I've always said that I just adore watching older couples.  There's just something about the comfort, the acceptance, the loving words, and patience they show.

I ran across Rita and Frank on YouTube and fell in love with them.  So, I just have to share this little video with you.  Now, at the time, they didn't know they were making a video.  They were trying to take a picture of Frank's eighty-fourth birthday cake.  

It reminded me of the time I took a video of my eighty-six year old step-father, My Sweet Melvin, as I called him.  The tape was rolling and he stood stark still.  I said, "Melvin, do something.  This is like a movie."  So he chuckled.   Well, it was a start.

We get a special treat at the end of Rita and Frank's adventure with their new mac.  They evidently figured out it was a video and went for it.  It's Rita's eightieth birthday (obviously on different days).  But listen how Rita's insistent, "Did you hear the click?" turns to a sweet smile, and Frank's "Naoo!"s turn to melody as he performs his birthday wish for his love.

May I be blessed with such a Frank in my golden years.  Isn't he such a doll.  Lol.  I'm already half there with my incompetence with technical new fangled instruments!  Just ask my daughter about my fiasco with her digital camera.  *sigh*

~ * ~

Until next time, may your dreams be magical.