Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cornerstone Deep Echoes Released!

So much has been going on this week that I haven't taken the time to share and celebrate the main greatest thing!  Cornerstone Deep Echoes was released on the 15th (Wed) and is available for everyone!  Quick clicks to buy are:  Class Act Books,

WooHooooo! Lol!  I don't even remember being this excited over Cornerstone Deep's release.  And that was my debut novel! Honestly, think I was more in shock then and that hampered the joy of it all.  But this time my heart, eyes, and mind are wide open to celebrate with everyone.

I'm sure you already know, I'm on blog tour right now through the month of Feb. to get the word out and give people a chance to win copies and prizes. You can get all the details on the CD Echoes tour page at the top there.  But along with my tour giveaways, I've been getting more active on Goodreads.  I've been on there for some time but never really looked at all the things they offer.  One cool thing I discovered is the New Release Giveaway!  This is such a fantastic promo tool they offer to get your new release noticed!

If you haven't already, register as an author on Goodreads.  They have to approve you, but it only takes a day or two.  Once you've been approved, from your Home, select Visit Your Author Dashboard.   Go down to Giveaways and click on the link in their little message.  Fill out the form with all your book info and enter.  They'll have to approve this too.  But don't worry.  You'll be good. :)  They recommend you let your giveaway last around a month, but no less than a week.

You can view the list of books being given away by clicking the Back To Giveaways in the top right of the screen.  There are thousands!  But there are Thousands of readers browsing, checking out the books and entering to win these!  Great Promo here!

Here's my book giveaway:  I already have 120 people signed up to win.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Cornerstone Deep Echoes by Charlene A. Wilson

Cornerstone Deep Echoes
by Charlene A. Wilson

Giveaway ends May 01, 2012.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Try it out for yourself and let me know how it goes. :D

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Anonymous said...

I'm not waiting for my chance to win...I'm headed to the store (grins) and I'm stirring up dust with my running shoes.