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Character Chat With A Trace Of Passion Stars

I'm so excited to have back with me the stars to the Trace of Love series, Trace and Ophelia.  They stopped by for a visit during their blog tour and ate the last of the ice-cream.  But there's always more at the store, right? (Yeah, tell my daughter that).

Danielle sent along instructions for a giveaway.  So be sure to read to the bottom and find out about it all. *wink*

Charlene sets a large bowl of ice-cream on the coffee table.  Her daughter smiles with a look of, “Yum!”

Charlene:  No, no, no.  The stars of Danielle Ravencraft’s story, A Trace of Passion, are coming over for a visit and Ophelia loves ice-cream.

Daughter: *wide eyes*  That much?  I thought you got it for us to share.  *she picks up the two spoons, proving her point*

Charlene:  *grins*  Well, I’m sure she’ll let Trace have a taste.  *Doorbell rings and she opens her mouth to speak*

Daughter:  *holds up a hand*  I know the drill.  *heads for the back door*  Shoo, shoo.  Interviews are private until they’re posted.  Play basketball.  Do homework.  *glances back at Charlene*  I’m getting my own ice-cream for this. 

Charlene:  That was the last of it.  Sorry.

Daughter:  *shoulders slump and she frowns as she leaves*

Charlene:  *opens door wide*  Trace, Ophelia, welcome back!  Please come in.

Ophelia grins brightly and enters the house. “Charlene! It’s so good to see you again.” She throws her arms around Charlene and hugs her.

Charlene:  Oh it’s good to see you!

Trace is a step behind Ophelia. His brow cocks as he eyes the large bowl on the coffee table. “Sweet, she remembered the ice cream.” He plops against the couch, picks up the bowl and starts shoveling ice cream into his mouth.

Ophelia makes a face. “Trace, you shouldn’t just assume that’s for you.”

Charlene:  *waves*  Oh, I know you guys love ice cream.  Of course it’s for you.  *takes a seat across from the couch*  Fill me in on what’s been happening with you two. 

“Oh,” Ophelia sits next to Trace. Her cheeks redden. “We’re engaged now.” She fans out her fingers to show Charlene the sparkling rock nestled in the gold band. “I hope you’ll come to the wedding, but don’t ask me for details just yet. We haven’t started planning it yet.”

“It’s going to be huge,” Trace says between mouthfuls. “The event of the year.”

Ophelia rolls her eyes. “There’s nothing wrong with a small modest wedding, you know.”

Charlene:  Lots of things to work I see.  And with book two A Trace of Passion that came out.  What’s it like to see your story continue and be available for everyone to read?

“It’s great! I finally win the girl!” Trace heaves another spoonful of ice cream into his mouth.

“You’re such a pig.” Ophelia pokes Trace then faces Charlene. “We’re happy for Danielle. A Trace of Passion was a difficult story for her to write, not like the first one.”

Charlene: *leans close with a sly grin*  Has Danielle been good to you?  I hear she can be pretty...hard on her characters.

“The woman has horns hidden in her hair.” Trace leans into Ophelia and whispers, “There is a second spoon in here if you want some, love.”

Ophelia shakes her head. “Danielle’s not hard, really. She just understands that she can’t bend our fate even when she wants to. That’s why writing A Trace of Passion was difficult for her. There were lapses in time where she didn’t write for days because she was devastated at what she knew was coming. Danielle didn’t choose my fate. It was already there when I asked her to write book one.”

Trace huffs. “You would be just the one to defend that tyrant author.”

Charlene:  Lol.  Aw, Trace.  She did get you guys together after Ophelia cut you off.  *looks at her*  I understand your girlfriends gave you a special birthday present.  *ups brows, waiting to hear all about it*

Ophelia laughs. “Oh my God, they had no idea! Completely clueless.” She leans forward. “They got me Molten Silk concert tickets! I knew I was in trouble the moment I saw them.”

Trace pouts. “I’m a little offended you didn’t tell your friends about me. I thought girls liked to compare p***s sizes and all that.”

Charlene:  *clears throat and mumbles*  Okay…  The bleep will come into play for that one.  *snickers*  So, Trace.  Do you do the scheduling for the band?  Did you make sure you played at The House of Blues when you came back?  Did you have a plan in mind if you ran into Ophelia there?

Trace sets the empty ice cream bowel on the coffee table then wipes his lips with the back of his hand and grins. “You’re a perceptive one, Charlene. Sorry to disappoint you, but the band has an agent. If it were up to me, I would have turned the buss around immediately and stayed in Chicago until I found Ophelia again. The House of Blues happens to be a very large venue located in the heart of the city, and probably one of the last few with an open floor instead of seats. Rock bands like that. The fans get more excited when they can mosh. I wasn’t expecting Ophelia to be there at all, but apparently our little minx of an author has control over some elements.”

Ophelia jabs her elbow into Trace’s side. He winces and leans away from her. “What?”

Charlene:  And there she was.  All the way across the room.  What was is like, Ophelia, to see that Trace remembered you after all that time?

“Oh, I was so nerves. I was with my friends and like I said, they had no idea. But I guess at least his memory has improved,” she scoffs.

Charlene:  What was the sweetest thing he did?

Ophelia glances at the ring on her finger and laughs. “Oh, I’m sure you could guess…”

Charlene:  How about the most irritating?

“Pfft. We’d be here all night.”

Trace crosses his arms. “Hey.”

Ophelia giggles. “Alright. He’s a little stubborn. Doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

“I thought that was what you loved about me.” He winks.

Charlene:  And what about you, Trace?  I know you had to be exasperated with Ophelia.  What were you thinking and feeling through all of this?

“Exasperated? Nah. I knew she’d warm up to me eventually.”

Ophelia swats at him but Trace leans out of the way and she misses. “See what I mean?” She sighs.

Charlene:  So, tell me Ophelia.  Does he have a real chance?

“Well, I suppose it’s not really in my hands anymore.” She fiddles with a loose thread dangling from the hem of her shirt.

Charlene:  Do you think Danielle would mind if you shared a little excerpt with us?  On second thought…  *glances around then leans close and whispers*  Never mind what she minds.  Sneak us a peek.

“Of course. Here you are.” She hands Charlene a sheet of paper.

Charlene:  Well, I can’t wait for part three, A Trace of Hope.  When do you think we’ll get to see it?  When will it be out?

“Probably at the end of the year or the beginning of next year. Danielle’s working on several other projects at the same time.” Ophelia leans against Trace’s shoulder. “To be honest, I’m happy to let her take her time.”

Charlene:  Can you give an idea what to expect?

Ophelia scrunches her nose. “Lots of wedding planning and stress, I bet.”

Trace wraps his arm around Ophelia’s shoulders. “Nonsense. I’ll hire a wedding planner and have the whole thing taken care of. You just worry about relaxing and enjoying your sweet self.”

Charlene:  Aww!  I’d take his advice, Ophelia.  You deserve to enjoy this time.  *glances at the clock*  Well, I know Danielle is on tour with A Trace of Passion this week.  Do you have her schedule on hand?  I’d love to share it so the readers can follow along.

“Oh, I wrote the schedule down on the back of the excerpt. Her next stop is at Belle Consulting and the rest of the stops can be found on her website.” Ophelia stands to hug Charlene again. “Thanks so much for hosting us, Charlene. We had a wonderful time. I’ll make sure to send you an invitation to the wedding.”

Charlene:  Wonderful.  I’ll definitely be there in spirit. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. 

Trace shakes Charlene’s hand. “Thanks for the ice cream.”

Charlene:  *waves good-bye and turns for the back door*  Come on back in.  I know you were listening.

Daughter:  *peeks inside with a guilty face*  Did she leave any ice-cream?

Charlene:  *snorts*  I don’t think she even got a taste.

~ * ~

Title:  A Trace of Passion (Book 2)

Author:  Danielle Ravencraft

Genre:  Contemporary Romance Erotica

Blurb:  Ophelia’s in for a birthday surprise that turns out to be a birthday nightmare as she’s reunited with hunky rock star, Trace Curtis. The pain of her defiance runs deep and he won’t leave Ophelia alone without an explanation. The more time they spend together, the more their passion grows. Ophelia knows in her heart she should tell Trace the truth, but will her secret drive him away?

Buy Links:

Author Bio:  Danielle Ravencraft graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. She currently lives in Wisconsin with her two Pomeranians. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, her writing is influenced by the multicultural urban society of her youth which she continues to visit each summer. Danielle enjoys writing sensual erotic romance exclusively for a female audience.

Danielle’s books are available in e-book formats from Muse It Hot Publishing Inc. and select e-book retailers. She loves to hear from readers. You can reach her via email to or visit her website at

Danielle's Links:

~ * ~

Excerpt for A Trace of Passion

            Ophelia rushed into the first stall. Her nose wrinkled. She never understood how other women managed to pee on the rim of the toilet…or the floor for that matter. She was about to try the next stall when the restroom door opened, followed by a cloud of shouting and the click of high heels. Ophelia yanked the stall lock home and backed into the corner between the drippy toilet and the metal frame.
            She managed to avoid the House of Blues for eleven months, twenty-three days, ten hours and forty-five minutes. But fate twisted a knife in her back one week ago when her friends surprised her with tickets to a Molten Silk concert for her birthday.
            They didn’t know. She hadn’t told anyone. Now she wished she had.
            This morning, her mind stooped so low as to consider telling her friends she was ill. But she couldn’t disappoint them. Molten Silk tickets were expensive and the girls had pooled their money together to make sure she had a great birthday.
            Once the door swung closed, the tile amplified the click of the woman’s heels as she neared. “Ophelia, are you in here?”
            Her breath hitched as she debated her next move. This is stupid. I can’t hide in the women’s bathroom all night. But she could try.
            She squeezed her eyes shut. “I’m in here.” Damn it.
            Ophelia glanced at the space between the stall and the floor as a pair of black stilettos came into view.
            “The show’s about to start. Are you all right?”
            She sighed and unlocked the stall door. It swung open to reveal the tall brunette. “I’m fine,” Ophelia smiled. “Just using the bathroom.”
            “Well hurry up,” Alana urged.
            Ophelia strolled to the sink and washed her hands. He won’t recognize me. It’s been almost a year. He probably has a real girlfriend now. Her chest constricted and she winced. How could she still have feelings for him after all this time?
            Alana rolled her eyes. “Ophelia, I love you but if you move any slower I’m going to have to hurt you. Now let’s go!” She grabbed Ophelia’s hand and flung her out of the restroom into the crowd chanting “Mol-ten Silk! Mol-ten Silk!” The venue was packed to the brim, muggy, and smelled like B.O. She wouldn’t have minded expect her friends had their hearts set on standing in the middle of B.O. central. The pair squeezed through the crowed until they caught up with the bubbly blonde standing alone in the center. “Oh good, you found the birthday girl,” Lizzy yelled over the demanding horde. She clapped her hands in excitement. Ophelia managed a small smile.
            Alana stretched her neck and glanced around. “Did I miss anything?”
            Ophelia looked too, taking note of the obese gentleman on the left. She could always duck behind him. She doubted anyone would notice. Although, with an energetic crowd of rough rock’n’roll fans, ducking of any sort could be suicide.
            Lizzy leaned toward Alana and opened her mouth to speak, but the lights dimmed and the crowd erupted in cheers. Ophelia winced as her stomach did a flip-flop. She touched her fingers to her lips. I hope I don’t vomit.
            Smoke spilled from the stage like a waterfall as the curtain lifted. Five male silhouettes stood in the dark. The one on the right strummed his guitar, earning shrill applause from the audience. Lights of every color illuminated the stage as the rest of the band joined in the performance. Ophelia’s gasp went unnoticed as her friends cheered.
            Trace Curtis stood center stage, microphone in hand. His voice flowed in harmony with the guitar riffs. His black, unbuttoned vest accentuated his flawless chest and chiseled abs. His black curls were a bit longer than she remembered and hung over his baby-blue eyes. Ophelia’s throat dried and she struggled to swallow. “I’m going to get a drink,” she said to herself. She backed away from her star-struck friends.
            Ophelia didn’t breathe until she reached the bar at the very back. Her breath rushed past her lips in a heavy sigh as she sat on the worn leather stool and ordered a beer. The bar tender winked at her as he handed her selection. Ophelia bit her lip. The old man remembers me after all this time…
            The lyrics stopped. The microphone gave a squeal amplified to a glass-shattering pitch. Ophelia cupped her hands over her ears and turned in her seat without thinking. Everyone stared at Trace. His eyes were so wide, she saw the whites despite the distance and crowd. Everyone slowly turned to face her. Heat rushed to her cheeks. She faced the bar and pressed the neck of the beer bottle to her lips. Just keep singing, Trace. Please, just keep singing.

~ * ~


To one lucky commenter, Danielle is giving a free e-book copy of either A Trace of Love or A Trace of Passion.  Reader's choice!  So leave a comment to be entered into the drawing!  




Anonymous said...

Wow, Charlene - I love what you've done with the place. It has been a while since I've been here and you've got your crib all shined up and rockin' *smile*

Danielle - thank goodness Ophelia and Trace get some time out to visit friends and family...I know how hard you've been working with them to get the whole truth and nothing but the truth of their story.

Ophelia and's been a pleasure! I've read your story so far and I'm looking forward to Trace of Hope...anytime you're offering a 'take a peek' at the next part of your story...I'm there. *smile*

J.D. Brown said...

Good morning, Charlene and thanks for hosting my characters on your lovely blog. I see Trace is being his charming self. Ophelia says they will supply the ice cream for you next time. :)

I got my coffee here and need a few more sips to really wake up...How are you this morning?

J.D. Brown said...

Good morning, Kay Dee. You're always up so bright and early. :)

Ophelia and Trace send their thanks for reading. They are a bit preoccupied at the moment (in truth, Trace is not a morning person... Ophelia is sipping coffee and reading over my shoulder with me.)

Sharon Hamilton said...

I agree with the comments, Charlene. Your site is nice. Can you email me off-loop? I'm having troubles with your post and have sent you two emails. Help!

Danielle, love how every new post reveals something new - and I love the idea of the character interview - don't know if it was yours or Charlene's idea, but a good one, for sure.

Charlene A. Wilson said...

Good morning! Or um... well. I'm just getting around and stumbling over my thoughts. (I'm not a morning person either, Trace).

I love doing character chats. It's fun to visit with all the dynamic personalities. :)

Got cha's in the mail. Er, email. ;)

Lilac said...

I love characher chats too. So fun! One of the things I like about your blog Charlene. :)

I'd love to get Trace and Ophelia's story. She sounds like there's more to all this. “Well, I suppose it’s not really in my hands anymore.” She fiddles with a loose thread dangling from the hem of her shirt.---why is she fiddling like that? Hiding something me thinks. ;)

Martha said...

How fun is this? It's nice to meet Trace and Ophelia. And what a great way to introduce a new release. On my TBR list.


J.D. Brown said...

Sharon - It was Charlene's idea. She suggested it back when I did the first tour for A TRACE OF LOVE. I loved the idea but it was different from all my other stops which where either interviews or guest blogs. Plus I talk to my characters all the time anyway and Charlene really knows them. :)

Lilac - I'm cheering for you to win a copy so can see what the fiddling is for. ;) You're such a great fan.

Martha - Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy it.

HM Prevost said...

Loved the character interview. I don't often read romance, but this one sounds interesting.

HM Prévost