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Character Conference - A New Beginning - FFW

For Fantastic Friday Writers, we're to have a character chat with our characters.  I took the opportunity to call a little conference and fill them in on a new development in my writing schedule.

~ * ~

Charlene leads the gang into Shilo Manor’s kitchen and motions for them to sit around the breakfast nook’s table.

Charlene:  Break out the muffins, Elaina. We’re going to have a chat and we might as well enjoy it.

Elaina:  *eyes Charlene then heads for the pantry* Sure.

Linda:  They’re not there, little sister.  James has them stored up in the guest room at the end of my hall.

James: *turns red and pulls out a chair for Linda, leaning to her hearing* You didn’t have to announce that.

Linda:  Well, really.  She made so many we couldn’t move in here. *takes her seat*

Charlene:  Okay, we’ll do without the muffins.

Cole:  *lifts a bottle of liqueur*  We can all have a drink to relax.  *cocks a chair to the side and sits, stretching his long legs*

Vincent:  *leans against the baker’s island and folds arms*  You seem to know what this about if you brought a bottle.

Cole:  I have certain insights.  One of the perks of being the MC.

All gazes gravitate to him then fly to Charlene.  James lifts a hand and glasses caravan from the cupboard to park on the table.  Mianna sits in Cole’s lap.  Elaina walks to Vincent and he wraps his arms around her.  Linda slips her arm around James’s.

Linda:  What’s going on?

Charlene: *sighs and laces her fingers*  There’s someone I’d like you to meet.

The back door flies open and a teen girl enters.  She stuffs her hands in her jeans back pockets and drumsticks fall to the floor with a clatter as her fists take up too much room.  She grabs them and readjusts her stance, upping her brows. 

Another girl bounces in behind her.  Her blonde curls bob around the big ribbon holding her ponytail.  She puffs a shiny smile and stuffs her pompoms to her back, standing at “cheerleader attention.”  All turn to look at them.

Vincent:  *eyes widen*  Teenagers?  You’re adding teenagers to the plot line?

James:  Charlene, no disrespect, but I’m just getting used to having five year olds around.

Cole:  They’re not joining us.

Charlene:  Cole. *sends him a warning glare*

Cole: *slugs a drink from the bottle*

Charlene:  Everyone, I’d like you to meet Tam.  She’s a junior at Sun Hill East High.  The only thing she loves more than basket ball is band. 

Tam:  *lifts a drumstick filled hand and nods a smile*  Hey.  Nice to meet you.

Charlene:  And that is Sandy.  She’s lieutenant in their high school cheer squad.

Sandy:  *steps back, high bounds, then waves a pompom to the group*  Hi!  It’s great to meet you!  *steps back into her pose*

Mianna: *hops up, rushes to them, pulls them into a hug*  Oh, it’s so nice to meet you too.  It’s obvious you’re not from Cornerstone Deep.  By the look of your pompoms, I bet you’re from Cornerstone Summit.

Sandy:  *beams and nods enthusiastically*  Yeah.  Earth.  How did you know?

Mianna:  Charlene’s daughter is a cheerleader and she thinks about it a lot.

Vincent:  Really.  What’s going on?  Earth doesn’t come into the series until way down the line.  Book three is about me and Elaina’s…  You know.  On Midway Summit.

Charlene:  Well. *leans back*  With Cornerstone Deep Echoes waiting on the publisher to decide whether or not to publish it, I thought I’d hold off on book three for a bit.  Things might have to change if…

James:  Charlene, they won’t reject Echoes.  They can’t.  I mean…  *he looks at Linda*  It has our story in it.

Charlene:  *leans her head and wrinkles her brow*  Well, James, there’s always a chance.  And Tam’s story has been in the wings for a while.  I’d like to get started on my first young adult novella.

Tam:  *motions at him with an easy sway*  Hey, James.  You guys are always welcome over.  My… *she turns bright red*  friend is a shape shifter from one of the other dimensions.  You might like to meet him.

James:  *furrows his brow and looks at Charlene*   Midway Deep?

Vincent:  *shines a broad smile*  This could be interesting.  Midway Deep is the oddball dimension.

Cole:  *nods and takes another drink then cocks his head to whisper in Charlene’s ear*  You were right.  They just might accept this after all.

Charlene pulls him into a hug and looks around at her beloved characters.  She could never image any one of them fading from her heart.  You'll always be with me.  Leaning back into her chair, she closes her eyes.  A deep breath clears the anxiety of having this conversation.  A slow exhale focuses her mind on the present.  She opens her eyes to her computer screen.  Leaning over the keyboard, she starts typing. 

Chapter One  
Mr. Scum
Sandra blubbered into her pillow and I sighed louder than I needed to.  She raised her puffy eyes to peek at me.  I could hardly make out their hazel color with all the blood shot, water, and smeared mascara.  I don’t know how she could see anything.  And that mascara had to sting.  “Really, Sandy.  Get over it.  He’s just a guy, they’re not worth it.”

Charlene:  *smiles*  And so it begins.

~ * ~

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