Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who Me? A Guest On BlogTalkRadio?

That's right.  Me in all my stumble-over-my-tongue glory was asked to be a guest on Gelati's Scoop, BlogTalkRadio.  It happened this morning.  Early.  And in case you didn't know, I'm really not a morning person.  But with my schedule the way it is, it was the best time to make sure I wouldn't be interrupted for this LIVE show. 

I'd done one internet radio show before, for The Author Show back in November.  I was a nervous wreck for a month prior to the interview, sick for another week afterward because I had done so badly, and hid under my pillow when I finally mustered the guts to listen to it.  Lucky for me it was pre-recorded and they did a wonderful job of editing.  Because I really messed that thing up. Lol. 

This show was four times longer, live, and in the morning.  Honestly, what was I thinking?  But, Giovanni was wonderful to work with.  He had me laughing by the end. 

So, I'm sharing it here with you.  Just keep in mind what a poor speaker I am...give me a pen and paper any day, but ask me questions with a microphone in front of me and...well, you'll see.  It was like I didn't even know what my own book was about. Lol.  But you're welcome to listen in, have a good laugh, and know I'm laughing with you. ; )

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M Pax said...

Cool! I'm not a morning person either. Great show. You did a great job.

J. D. Brown said...

You did fantastic in the radio show! :)