Friday, May 20, 2011

Remember To Breathe

In the past week, I've found Me running into Myself and I around every turn.  Along with demands of family life, I've been working to finish up Cornerston Deep Echoes to send in to my publisher next month, am trying to put together posts for blogs that I contribute to, and my own Highlighted Author blog has seen an explosion in requests from authors to be spotlighted.  I'm now booked into May 2012.
My brother, supporter that he is, simply says, "Remember to breathe, Char."

Okay, so here I go...breathing.  *hyperventilates*  Lol.

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Highlighted Author is dedicated to spotlighting authors and their works.
The Character Cafe is taken over by six authors' characters.  So fun!
Fantastic Friday Writers was originally a blog hop that recently grew to add posts with daily topics.  The hop continues, but even more great articles can be found there now.


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Anastasia V. Pergakis said...

I love your blog posts! And you say you are no good at it - HA! I beg to differ lady! You are always informative yet fun and spunky. LOVE IT! Keep it up. :)