Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Joining Up With A-Z Blog Challenge

That's right.  I've committed to blog every day for 24 days starting on April 1st.  Well, excluding Sundays.  I do get a break in the week...and so do my dedicated blog readers. Lol.  Love you guys. :) 

With the A-Z blog challenge, I pledged to relate my blog topics to each letter of the alphabet consecutively.  We get to choose the overall theme of our posts and I chose to go with something I know.  My own experiences with my books.  You'll get to know the inside workings of the worlds in the series The Chronicles of Shilo Manor; how I put them together, how they differ from each other, the inside scoop on the magic that's performed, and even secrets of some of the gods.  Some of the characters agreed to help out with this, too.  Their points of view should be interesting. :s

So, starting April 1st (great April Fool's Day beginning) the alphabet and Cornerstone Deep merge.  Hope you watch for the posted notice and join in with comments and questions for the characters.  They're standing by to help you understand their worlds.

Until next time, love life.

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K.C. Woolf said...

Hi Charlene, see you in April! :-)