Monday, March 14, 2011

I'll try. Really. I'll...try.

I just joined the Fantastic Friday Writers group!  Maybe it will help me jump start this blog and break me into the world of blogging.  Maybe.  *snicker*  I'm really terrible about voicing my views...but I'm determined to work on it.  Really.  I am.  Really. 

With the other blog group I work with on The Character Cafe, I have SO much fun.  If you haven't checked it out yet, there are six of us that take turns blogging with the characters from our books.  You can always hop in and see what they're doing in their lives outside the book's plot line.  And sometimes they get into some real fixes. Readers can comment on the blog post and ask questions or talk with characters who answer back. 

The Fantastic Friday Writers group is geared to the fantasy/sci-fi genre, so this should be fun too.  There's a set topic that we all blog about.  Instead of going to a certain page and reading on one blogger's point of view of the subject, you get to start right here with me.  Check out what I think about it, experiences I may have had with it, advice I might be able to offer...*clears throat at that one*...and then I'll list the links to the others in the group and you get to check out their views on it too.  Our next posted is on March 25th and the topic is Language.  That's right.  With so many fantasy/sci-fi stories encompassing new worlds, or magical spells, a lot of times there are new languages to grasp. Including the worlds of my own books.  The Shilo brothers from my novel Cornerstone Deep are from another dimension and to add to that, are wizards who perform spells in their native tongue.

So, I hope you help me out as I turn this blog site from an announcement list into a real live breathing blog.  I'm even going to put up a follower's button. *GASP* 


Anastasia V. Pergakis said...

Great post Charlene! So glad you joined Fantastic Friday Writers. It's a lot of fun! I love the design of your blog here too. It's gorgeous.

Don't worry, Jen and I will have you blogging like crazy before you know it! LOL

J. D. Brown said...

Love the blog, Charlene, and great job explaining FFW! And yeah, what Ana said. :)