Friday, January 20, 2012

Interview With The Kinir Elite

From the time I read Anastasia V. Pergakis’ debut novel, Cleanse Fire, I’ve wanted to have the whole Kinir Elite team over for a character interview.  To take on six highly skilled Special Forces members at once would set my imagination in happy overdrive. Lol. 

Well, I got my wish as Anastasia continued her release celebration when her novel came out in print.  I’ve looked forward to today, when I could introduce them all to you.  I had so much fun with this.  It ended up being a bit long…after all, there are six, and Skype made it so easy…but the conversation flowed so well. 

Before we get into the interview, I wanted to give you a quick rundown of the team members…

Derac: Captain, Age: 68, Birth Place: Jalah Town, Kinir, Weapon: Broad sword
Kie: Age Unknown, Birth Place: Renerr Village, Kinir, Weapon: Bow
Tyn: Age: 69, Birth Place: Jalah Town, Kinir, Weapon: Dual swords
Rakan: Age: 75, Birth Place: Alerna, Kinir, Weapon: Sword (prefers hands)
Jardel: Age: 36, Birth Place: Kinir City, Kinir, Weapon: Bow
Aeli: Age: 34, Birth Place: Lorrin, Kinir, Weapon: Sword

*Charlene sets a floral centerpiece on the coffee table as the door bell rings. Her hands fluster and she fluffs the buds before opening the door. Her breath hitches.*

Charlene: Omg. It's the Kinir Elite Team. *steps aside* Please come in!

Derac: Hello, Charlene. Thank you for having us. *charming smile*

Charlene: *swoon* Hi, Derac. Welcome Back!

*team settles on the plush sofas and chairs*

Charlene: I have to admit, *places hand to heart* I'm overwhelmed to have all of you here. *heads to the cordial cabinet* Can I get you refreshments?

Jardel: Do you have ale? Or I guess you would call it beer.

Rakan: You shouldn't drink, Jardel. We are on duty so to speak. This is supposed to be an interview. Not a time for drunken stupidity from you.

Charlene: *winks at Jardel and whispers* I'll get you a Bud light.

Jardel: *charming smile* You're amazing.

Charlene: *giggles and covers her mouth* Ladies? You have a preference? *heads to frig*

Derac: *gently pushes Charlene out of the way* I'll get that. You go sit down.

Charlene: *looks at him with star struck eyes* Thank you, Derac. *sigh* I knew I loved the right Kinir character.

Derac: *fills 3 glasses of apple juice and 3 of water*

Jardel: Charlene, you promise me ale.

Derac: *smile* But she didn't get the drinks, did she? I did. *hands Jardel a glass of apple juice*

Rakan: *chuckles into his water*

Charlene: Sorry, Jardel. Derac is darn charming. *clears throat* Okay…

Jardel: Please. I'm much more charming than he is.

Charlene: *snickers* Well, I guess I'd better get into some questions before we get into a most charming contest.

Rakan: Please do.

Charlene: With all the different personalities among you, how do you manage to spend so much time together and stay a team?

Rakan: It's illegal to kill.

Charlene: hahahhaha. Yeah...seriously. How?

Kie: I think because despite our differences...*ahem*...we all have a love for Kinir and her people. During a mission, it doesn't matter that we may not like one another that much. We have orders. We follow them. And we do work well as a team. Our skills compliment each other, even if we don't want to admit it sometimes.

Charlene: Rakan, you're a veteran at serving Kinir. You've been a soldier for a long time. I know how Derac and the others view your country.  But I'd like to get your take on it? You're always so quiet.

Rakan: What Kie said is true. I can't say what it is specifically that allows us to work so well together. We just do. I don't care much for Jardel personally, but he is my teammate, my brother. He watches my back as I watch his. It works. And while I was on the team before elfas - females - were allowed...honestly I'm still not used to the idea...but I know that Kie and Aeli have my back as well. *shrug* It just works. Don't know why. And I never really thought about it either. If it works, why worry about it?

Charlene: You have a very laid back attitude.  I like that.

Rakan: I've been in the Army for almost more than 40 years. It takes a lot to get me riled up. Too much energy to grow upset over something you can't control anyway.

Charlene: Hahaha, Rakan. So now, Aeli...*leans to Kie* I mean no disrespect here. *looks back to Aeli* You're a very feminine elfa. How do you find working with a team that is so full of ...*lifts eyes brows and looks at the guys* testosterone?

Aeli: I'm smarter than they think I am. *whispers* In fact, I scored higher on the Kinir Intelligence Aptitude test than anyone here. And by this point, I've done my 10 years of service in the Army, 5 years in the Rangers. Handling the four of them is easy compared to a unit of 30 or 40 elfs. *shrug*

Charlene: *sits back, looking more closely at her* How is it that you've been in the service for 15 years and look so young and beautiful?

Aeli: *wink* That's my little secret.

Charlene: *gives her a side long look* We'll be talking later.

Aeli: *giggle*

Charlene: Jardel...*big smile*'s Vivian?  Is there any chance you two might get together?  Even with her being a brothel owner?

Jardel: You'll want to talk to Tyn about that one. Vivian is his girl.

Charlene: Oh my word. *blushes and looks at Tyn* Tyn you've been so quiet!  I'm so sorry!

Tyn: *smiles* It's all right Charlene.

Charlene: So...any chance?

Tyn: Probably not. *small smile*, really don't allow for a stable type of relationship.

Charlene: Oh, I'm sorry. I just remember the scene of you with her in Cleanse Fire. I can tell there's a real spark there.

Derac: Which is really why their relationship works on the level that it does. They both understand the demands of their work.

Tyn: Exactly. But it will never be more than what it is.

Charlene: You know Tyn very well, Derac.

Derac: Of course I do! We grew up together, remember?

Charlene: I remember. *smiles* But my readers don't know it. *wink* You just told them.

Derac: Oh yes.

Charlene: Lol.  I'm so comfortable here now, it's amazing. You wouldn't think I have a living room full of the most respected elves in Kinir., sweetie, it's your turn.

Jardel: Oh? For what? *wiggles eyebrows*

Charlene: You strike me as a fun loving sort.

Rakan: He's young and impulsive. How is that 'fun loving?’"…Oh, and a nit-wit.

Charlene: Lol. Sounds fun loving to me. With your youthful exuberance, my heart was warmed to see how you reacted to the little faery in the story.

Jardel: Brina? Yes. She is adorable.

Charlene: Well, you were a complete angel with her.

Jardel: *big grin* Yes. Angelus Cristos. A Guardian angel. *nods* Just one of my amazing personality traits.

Charlene: I can see humility is one of your amazing personality traits as well. *wink*

Rakan: *to Derac* Why do you let him out in public?

Jardel: I know I'm amazing. Why hide it?

Derac: *to Charlene* The funny thing is, I've heard Rakan used to be exactly like Jardel when he was younger.

Rakan: *quirks brow* Someone has been telling lies I see.

Charlene: *ahem* Kie...

Kie: Yes?

Charlene: There are actually so many questions I'd like to ask to get to know you better. Seriously, we'll have to get together and have a girl's day out

Kie: Oh? What sort of questions? You can't ask with the elfs around?

Charlene: Oh, not that they couldn't be around. It’s just I love your personality and would like to get to really know you more.  You're a complex elfa. But, probably one of the things I really like to know is...why you love battle strategy books so much?

Kie: *laugh* They have all the action in them! Epic battles, fight scenes! The strategy itself makes you think. Why did it work or why didn't it? How could it have been done better? Exercise the mind, not just your body.

Charlene: I see. I like working my mind too. But I can't say I'd want to hide out with a book on battles. Lol. But you are obviously a great addition to the team.

Kie: Why thank you.

Charlene: Did you ever expect to *glances at Derac* catch the eye of *blushes* your Centurio as you call him?

Kie: *smile* No I didn't. It is frowned upon to be in a relationship with a member of your unit, and even worse with your commanding officer. While I did find him attractive, intelligent, and dedicated when I first met him, I didn't allow myself to think of him than more than just my Captain. And in the book, as you know Charlene, I continued to force and remind myself to not think of him any other way. But, in the end, I lost.

Derac: *charming smile*

Charlene: Yes you did. *looks at Derac* Shame on you.

Kie: Or won, if you want to say it that way. *laugh*

Charlene: You know me. I say "won."

Derac: I didn't do anything! It's Kie's fault.

Charlene: *looks at Kie*

Kie: What?

Charlene: Well, I'm sure we could go back and forth here for quite some time with this. Lol.

Tyn: It's both. Kie you were flirting, calling him 'Centurio' and Derac...Derac it's just your fault. Sorry. It's true.

Charlene: Hahaha. I love you, Tyn. So, Derac...We come down to you.

Derac: Yes, Charlene?

Charlene: With everything Anastasia put you through in Book One of the Kinir Elite Chronicles, has she let you in on what will happen next?

Derac: *laugh* I know I say Anastasia forces me to go through all these evil things. But, really, it's how the story goes. I tell her what happens and she writes it down. So, yes, I already know what is going to happen.

Charlene: I'd ask for a hint...  But I'll save that for another interview. *wink* I plan to have you back.

Derac: I'll visit anytime you like, Charlene.

Charlene: I'll call you on that, sweetie. But if you could point out one thing that happens in Cleanse Fire that would leave our readers wanting more, what would it be?

Derac: One thing to leave the readers wanting more? Hmmm.

Jardel: I'm in the story. What other reason could there be to read it?

Charlene: Hahaha.

Derac: The villain and I can relate to each other on a level that even my teammates can't understand. It creates interesting tension at the end of the book as we figure out how to defeat him.

Charlene: So...there's a common thread between you two. Wow.

Derac: Yes. And, we address the question, "Where is the line of what is good and what is evil?" because of that common thread.

Charlene: A must read for sure! I'm so thrilled to have you all here. Seriously, I had to clear my family out so I could have you all for myself. Please tell me you'll come back for the release of Blood Trade.

Derac: Thank you for having us.

Jardel: For you? Of course. *wink*

Charlene: *swoon* *mumbles under her breath* Man. I gotta get my heart under control. *ahem* Thank you again for visiting.

Jardel: *kisses Charlene's cheek* Thank you for inviting us. *strolls from the room*

Derac: *kisses her other cheek* Yes, thank you. And we'll come back anytime.

Charlene: *holds her hands to her cheeks and watches the Kinir Elite team depart* *looks at the blog readers* Am I blushing as red as I feel I am?

Cleanse Fire

The Kinir Elite, a team of warrior elves, protect the innocent and the repressed from those that try to torture or kill them. Their unique skills with weapons and healing, enable them to save the lives of many people.

Led by Captain Derac Vidor, the team battles against evils of all kinds – including the evil within themselves. Where does the line between good and evil really fall? The six elite warriors struggle to stay on the good and righteousness as they fight against the true evils of the world.

Will their own demons destroy them first? In the end, who really wins?

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Unknown said...

Very cool! I've gotta Skype sometime. This was a truly fun blog post

Anastasia V. Pergakis said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Bri! I'm glad you liked the post. It sure it fun getting to chat with Charlene everyday through skype. I love it.

Unknown said...

You get to do it everyday? Lucky!

Anastasia V. Pergakis said...

Yes! Everyday. It's so much fun. She is a big help when I'm stuck with a scene and I try to help her too. It's great! I'm not stuck on anything for long with her around. :)

Charlene A. Wilson said...

Oh my word, how did I not stop by here to visit! I'm such a lousy hostess. *turns red*

Thanks for dropping by, Bri. It's great to see you. Yeah, Anastasia and I talk every day and to be truthful, I'm usually the one to bug her about calling on the characters to have a get together. It's so much fun! We'll have to have you join us sometime. :)

Best of luck with the rest of your tour, Anastasia. Love ya, babe.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anastasia! Back from vacation and catching up on the touring I missed. Very interesting interview here. It's amazing that each character maintains such a unique personality.

Anastasia V. Pergakis said...

Scott, I'm so glad you think so! Charlene and I do a lot of these types of character chats. One of the ways I can get do deep into the minds of my characters. No better way than to just talk to them! :) Thanks for commenting! I hope you had a fun vacation - I wish I could take one.

Anastasia V. Pergakis said...

The winners are announced! Bri Clark has won an e-copy of the book! Bri, send me an email at thekinirelite[at] with what format you'd like your book and I'll send it along to you! Congratulations!

And, for those that didn't win, just so you know, Cleanse Fire is on sale until Feb 6th for only .99 cents at Amazon and B&!

Thanks again Charlene for having me, well the team, as a guest for my tour!