Promo Opportunities Through Giveaways

Promo Opportunity for Authors:

I’m taking part in several blog hops/activities this year, and I put together special prize packages for the participants.  If you would like to take part by offering one or more of your titles as prizes, feel free to contact me.  I’ll add you to my list of promo authors.  You’ll be notified when I use your title in giveaways and I’ll send you details on how it all works.  You can find an example of one of my giveaways at

These activities bring in a lot of traffic and are a great way to get noticed.  I prefer the prizes to be in e-formats, but if you’d like to give away swag or hard copies, it’s up to you.  You’re in charge of seeing that the winner receives your items.  I notify you once the contest is over and will send the winner’s contact information.  The emails I forward to you are to be used for sending the prize onlyPlease do not sign participants up for newsletters, etc. without their permission.

Titles will be chosen to coincide with the activity.  For example, if the theme is geared toward Summer Love, romance titles will be chosen for the prizes; if it’s a Crime Time type theme, suspense; Clear Your Shelf, anything goes; etc.  5-10 titles may be offered.

What I’ll need:

  • Book cover  image (.jpg pics.  Please only send clear images. We want them to be crisp and beautiful)
  • Genre: (please list all genres and sub-genres your title could fall under. This helps me decide which titles to choose for the giveaway)
  • Size: (let me know if it’s a short story, novella, novel)
  • Tag line: (one or two lines about the book to catch the reader’s attention.  This may or may not be used, depending on space)
  • Buy link or link to more info about the book: (This can be your Amazon link or link to an excerpt on your site…up to you)
  • Author name: (You must be the author or publisher with the authority of offer this title as a free read)
  • Link to author site or author page: (This may also be your Facebook fan page. Somewhere the readers can find you)
  • Author image: (.jpg pics. This may or may not be use, depending on the theme and space. Please only send clear images . We want them to be crisp and beautiful)

Please, please send all this information if you want to be involved.  If I don’t have it, I can’t post it.  And I won’t post half the info.  Keeping everything uniform makes us all look good and leaves a positive lasting impression.  This is a reflection on you as much as it will be on me.  I want to offer quality products for the best promotion of us all.

Here’s to a great year!